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We’re busy working on a special Teacher Zone for our website, where we’ll have lots of resources including video of our authors, author interviews, classroom guides and more. In the meantime, the links below will take you to a selection of materials we hope you will enjoy using with your students.

Classroom Discussion Guides

Acorn readers
Access vocabulary consolidation exercises, guided reading notes, comprehension quizzes, extension work and fun activities for our reading age 6 Acorn readers, eight titles for serious strugglers in the primary school. You can download the resources for each title individually by clicking the 'Guided Reading Pack Resources' tab above and following the link.

8-12s by author

Michael Morpurgo
Explore point-of-view, perspective and themes of bullying in Wartman and Who's a Big Bully Then? and point-of-view and expressive writing in Fox Friend, a punchy and moving tale of life on a farm.

Andy Stanton
Explore the wild and wacky humour of this popular author in friendship tale Sterling and the Canary (use this Sterling and the Canary Classroom Resources for the new 2014 edition), and point-of-view and authorial voice in The Story of Matthew Buzzington, a funny and touching tale with themes of bullying.

Kaye Umansky
Explore point of view, structure and comedy in brilliant fractured fairytale The Stepsisters’ Story.

Jeremy Strong
Explore the mix of humour and poignancy in Jeremy Strong's Titanic-themed story The Ghost in the Bath with ideas for cross-curricular work.

Tom Palmer
Build comprehension and other literacy skills with boy-friendly rugby tale Scrum! (with thanks to Tom Palmer). You can also download a novel study pack for Scrum! from the National Literacy Trust and a pack for Ghost Stadium from Tom's own website. Examine themes in WW1 football novel Over the Line.

Karen McCombie
Examine point-of-view and characterisation in Running from the Rainbow. Explore themes of friendship and the big issues that small problems can sometimes present.

Terry Deary
Examine various interpretations in haunting tales Ghost for Sale 4u2read and The Vampire of Croglin, or go on an adventure to find buried treasure in Pitt Street Pirates 4u2read.

4u2read Single Titles

Dead Cool 4u2read by Peter Clover.

Friday Forever 4u2read by Annie Dalton.

Game Boy 4u2read by Alan Durant.

Solo Single Titles

Under Cover of Darkness by Pat Thomson.

I Spy by Andrew Newbound.

They Shall Not Pass by Andy Croft.


Explore the work of brilliant author Bali Rai in our three-title guide
Explore recurring elements of the author's craft in our Bali Rai author discussion guide. Novels covered are Shivers, The Gun and Dream On.

Explore Shakespeare's plays and characters in our brilliant retellings
Jane Eagland's Wild Song is a stunning retelling of The Tempest. Explore links between the two texts, and open up The Tempest to less confident students. Eric Brown's Twocking is inspired by the central relationship in MacBeth. Explore our retelling, and open up MacBeth and Lady MacBeth to less confident readers.

Introduce study of Tudor England, World War I, slavery and the English Civil War or discuss and explore character development through our classroom discussion guides for Anne Perry's 'time-slip' series
Books 1 & 2: Tudor Rose & Rose of No Man's Land Classroom Discussion Guide.
Books 14: Tudor Rose, Rose of No Man's Land, Blood Red Rose, Rose Between Two Thorns Classroom Discussion Guide

Reading Age 6 Schools Pack
Engage your most struggling and reluctant teen readers with this pack of ten individual stories, with titles suitable for both boys and girls. RA 6 Schools Pack Classroom Discussion Guide

Teen Single Titles

Tilly's Promise by Linda Newbery.

Jon for Short by Malorie Blackman. Develop reading comprehension, including prediction and inference with this short and powerful novel, dealing with strong themes of mental illness.

Moose Baby by Meg Rosoff. Ideas for classroom discussions.

Gamer by Chris Bradford. Explore the text via structured discussion in this breathtaking dystopian adventure!

You Killed Me! by Keith Gray.

Awesome by Pete Johnson.

Just a Bit of Fun by Robert Swindells.

Falling Awake by Viv French. Develop prediction and inference skills with a powerful novel on the dangers of drugs.

Prisoner in Alcatraz by Theresa Breslin. Develop inference and other strategies with a great novel about the infamous US prison, from a Carnegie Medal winner.

Graphic by Cathy Brett. Engage your students' creative sides with this
How to Draw Your Own Zombie activity. With thanks to the author.

Reading age 7 Single Teen Titles

Come on Danny by Andy Croft. Reading Age 7 for teens.

Torrent! by Bernard Ashley.

Hand of Blood by Charles Butler.

Guided Reading Pack Resources

Acorn readers pack

Pancake Face by Georgia Byng

Jenny's Choice by Catherine MacPhail

Freddy and the Pig by Charlie Higson

Harry and Kate at the Book Museum by Sophie McKenzie

Itch Scritch Scratch by Eleanor Updale

Yellow Rabbit by Teresa Flavin

Wolfman by Michael Rosen

All I Said Was by Michael Morpurgo

Three-title packs

Reading Age 6.5 Group Reading Pack (suitable for primary and secondary)

Reading Age 7 Group Reading Pack for Primary

Reading Age 7 Group Reading Pack for Secondary

Terry Deary Group Reading Pack (suitable for primary)

Single-title packs

Just a Bit of Fun by Robert Swindells

Falling Awake by Viv French

Prisoner in Alcatraz by Theresa Breslin

Reading Age 6 Schools Pack

RA6 Schools Pack Titles by Jo Browning Wroe and C.L. Tompsett

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