New Books! New Books! April New Titles

April New Titles 2017

Easter might have just come and gone but the fun and celebration doesn’t have to end with the long weekend. April still has loads more to offer, not the least of which are our new titles of the month. From period thrillers, commemorative tributes, canine capers and superhero adventures, Barrington Stoke is here to make sure that your April keeps the spring in its step.

To start things off, this April also sees us publishing an absolutely brilliant Conker by Meg Rosoff, winner of the 2016 Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award.

Good Dog McTavish sees the Peachey family in quite the pickle. No one cooks dinner, no one picks up the dirty washing and the kids are always late for school. All because Mum has resigned from being Mum and taken up yoga instead. She’s in the tree pose; everyone else is in the doghouse. Except McTavish, a rescue dog on a mission to sort his new family out.

Illustrated by Grace Easton

We also have top author Phil Earle returning to writing for younger readers with his first Little Gem: Superdad’s Day Off.

The book follows Stanley, a normal little boy whose dad just happens to be the greatest superhero on the planet. Six days a week, Dad saves the world from disasters, aliens and bad guys. Friday is his day off and he always spends it with Stan. But, one Friday, Dad and Stan keep on encountering a series of people desperately in need of Dad’s help. Soon the awesome duo are saving a panther stuck up a tree, rescuing a monster truck from a ditch and taking on shark-infested floodwaters.

Illustrated by Steve May

Meanwhile, Carnegie medallist Gillian Cross heads for the great outdoors with Film Crew.

It’s Art Week and Lara’s class is off for an adventure in a house in the middle of the woods. Mr Mac is keen to catch every moment on film – even the coach turning up and Ms Begum racing to catch it. Everyone gets stuck into a big art project but when Lara’s friend Ted lets her into a project of his own – a magical house high up in the trees – the race is on to keep it secret from Mr Mac and his film crew.

Illustrated by Peter Cottrill

Alan Gibbons’ The Beautiful Game is a heartfelt tribute to football, honouring victims of Hillsborough and other disasters, and celebrating trailblazing black players. It opens with an Old Trafford game where Lennie hears Man U fans chanting about Hillsborough. Enraged, he joins in with a retaliatory chant about the Munich Disaster of ’58. Appalled, his dad and grandad take Lennie on a whistlestop tour of the dark side of the beautiful game. Dad and Grandad know only too well the human cost of fan violence and official negligence.

The Beautiful Game is interwoven with lots of facts about the history of football, the great disasters of the twentieth century and the players who blazed a trail in the UK. This book is ideal to engage reluctant reading football fans.

Illustrated by Chris Chalik

Bill wishes he had a brother rather than his sister. It’s the Blitz. After the raid one night, the family find and adopt a badly mutilated boy, his face so heavily bandaged that they can see nothing but one eye. The boy’s behaviour grows more sinister by the day until one day he takes off the bandages – and Bill is horrified to see his own face staring back at him…

Chris Priestley’s Flesh and Blood is a chilling World War II thriller filled with atmospheric black and white chapter vignettes by the author himself.

When Lena’s mum gets sick, Lena is dead scared. No one will tell her what’s going on. Suddenly worries like Scout badges, Polish Club events and school bullies don’t seem to matter. But the news is good – the best news, in fact. There’s going to be a baby in the family! But when Mum goes into labour at home, the midwife is caught in traffic and Dad’s out of range. Suddenly, Lena is faced with a challenge like no other!

Inspired by a true story, Bernard Ashley’s Lena Lenik S.O.S. is a vibrant portrait of modern-day multicultural Britain with the special connection between Lena and her mother at its very heart.

Illustrated by Ollie Cuthbertson


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