Unwrapping Dyslexia with Cathy Magee

This year to mark Dyslexia Awareness Week Scotland, we caught up with Cathy Magee, Chief Executive of Dyslexia Scotland, to find out everything about Dyslexia Unwrapped a new and exciting online platform for children and young people. The platform goes live tonight (Thursday 9th November) with a big focus on the theme of the week […]

Proceed with Caution: Some Pitfalls in Discussing Dyslexia

Awareness of dyslexia is growing and there is more discussion than ever around the issue. Inevitably, though, this means that confusing information, contradictory information and even misinformation gets out there too. As an author, bookseller, librarian, reviewer or general book person, it can be hard to know how to talk about dyslexia. Today we’ve rounded […]