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Thicker Than Water

by Anne Cassidy


Reading Age: 8 Interest Age: Teen

ISBN: 978-1-78112-511-3

A retelling of John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men.

George dreams of an easy life – a little record business and enough money to get by. But it’s hard when he has Lennie to look after too. Lennie’s got a way of getting into scrapes and he doesn’t know his own strength. So when they hole up with Billy and his dodgy business, they hope they can stay long enough to get some money saved. But wherever Lennie is, trouble is never very far away.

Information for Adults: This book has a dyslexia-friendly layout, typeface and paperstock so that even more readers can enjoy it. It has been edited to a reading age of 8. It features a removable ‘super-readable’ sticker.

AR Level – 3.8

Read the first chapter of Thicker Than Water below:

Thicker Than Water by Anne Cassidy

Read the first chapter