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Christmas with Anthony McGowan

This week on the blog we’re joined by Anthony McGowan! We caught up with Anthony and asked him a few questions about his tender-hearted, feel-good Little Gem I Killed Father Christmas. Don’t let the title fool you, this gorgeous book is a perfect festive warmer for all the family!  Over to you Anthony…

National Libraries Day: Anthony McGowan and his teen narrator say it better than we ever could

Today is National Libraries Day and the eagle-eyed ladies who chase us all for blog content asked if our staff members would write a few words about why we all love libraries. We suggested instead publishing two powerful pieces of writing from Anthony McGowan on the subject. The first is from 2013’s Brock. Nicky is a […]

Backlist Love: The Fall by Anthony McGowan

The story Mog is a borderline loser, clinging to the social fringe in a tough school. His friend Chris is just cool enough ”“ or perhaps dangerous enough ”“ to guarantee Mog safety from the bullies by association. But then Chris befriends Duffy, essentially the poster child for losers and victims. Wishing to protect his own […]

Sneak A Peek – Teen Fiction Sampler 2019!

It’s already been quite the year for teen fiction here at Barrington Stoke with the mesmerizing talents of Anthony McGowan, Tanya Landman, Mal Peet, Keren David, and Siobhan Dowd kicking-off our year with a bang! As we step into summer, we’ve got even more star-power to add to your reading list and — lucky for […]

Lark Takes Flight

This week we spent our Tuesday evening at a packed West End Lane Books for the launch of Anthony McGowan’s Lark. For us it was a somewhat bittersweet evening as we celebrated with so many friends, the stunning quartet of Brock, Pike, Rook and Lark, and also said goodbye to our beloved brothers Nicky and […]

Continuing The Great YA Debate

We all had a great time at the Great YA Debate event at the ever-excellent Edinburgh International Book Festival last night. Coincidentally the TES published an article by Joe Nutt that was highly critical of YA yesterday afternoon, so our own Anthony McGowan’s ‘provocation’ seemed quite gentle by comparison.

Happy 2016 and here’s to super-readable books

As of January 2016 the ‘dyslexia-friendly’ sticker on our books will be replaced by one that says ‘super-readable’ instead. This is reflective of a message close to our hearts: just because a book is accessible to an individual with dyslexia or visual stress does not mean it is ‘for’ them and them alone. That message […]

Taking stock

  Another year is almost over at Barrington Stoke – how did that happen? We’ve decided to mark a busy 12 months with a collage of all of the gorgeous books we’ve published since January 2015. We’ve also asked our staff for their highlights of the year. Looking back made us all smile; we hope […]

Our Authors and Illustrators

We believe that struggling readers need and deserve the very best books by the very best writers. Fortunately many of the best children’s authors in the UK share our belief and since Barrington Stoke was established we have been honoured to publish award-winners, best-sellers and Children’s Laureates including Michael Morpurgo, Terry Deary, Malorie Blackman, Andy […]

Those darn publishers

Back in July at YALC we spotted a trend on the panels: many authors said they couldn’t answer sticky questions about what the industry will and won’t tolerate in content terms because these were ‘questions for the publisher’. There weren’t any book publishers on the panels and so some questions went unanswered. I don’t think […]

Designing brilliant book covers

You probably know the saying ”˜don’t judge a book by its cover’. It’s not really about books at all, of course ”“ it’s about first impressions. But the cover is most readers’ first impression of a book and so it is the publisher’s main weapon in marketing terms. A good cover design calls out to […]

May is all about powerful writing for teens

It’s May publication day and we are very excited about our new batch of brilliant books for teens. Here’s a round-up of our something-for-everyone selection. When Anthony McGowan wrote Brock we knew we had something special on our hands – and we were thrilled that so many reviewers and readers agreed with us. Anthony says […]

SCBWI: Writing for reluctant readers

SCBWI invited me along to their annual conference last weekend to co-host a ‘Craft intensive’ with Anthony McGowan under the title ‘Writing for reluctant readers’. My first response was that I didn’t have much to say on the subject – at Barrington Stoke we ask our authors to write as they normally would. The tweaks […]

Hang on a minute, folks: more thoughts on YA

In the wake of the first UK Young Adult Literature Convention (YALC), we’ve been retweeting links to articles and essays on Young Adult literature right, left and centre. Many of these stem from a recent piece by a writer called Ruth Graham in Slate Magazine, in which Graham stated that adults should be embarrassed to […]

Why we don’t have a slush pile

‘Slush pile’ is publishing shorthand for the unsolicited manuscripts received by a publisher or literary agent. Some very famous books indeed have been discovered in the slush pile by an eagle-eyed editor or agent: Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight, Anne Frank’s Diary and Philip Roth’s Conversion of the Jews are famous examples. Today however, fewer and fewer […]

Why Book Awards Matter

Barrington Stoke books have been long-listed, short-listed and selected as winners of a huge number of book awards over the years, and there has been a particular spate of nominations of late. To name just a few, Anthony McGowan’s Brock made the long-list for the CILIP Carnegie Medal, Keith Gray’s You Killed Me! was short-listed […]