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January 2014 new titles have landed!


Our January 2014 new titles have landed and five of our favourite teen authors get 2014 off to a flying start! Costa winner Linda Newbery commemorates the centenary of World War One with the heartbreaking Tilly’s Promise. Ever-brilliant Bali Rai adds to his growing list of Barrington Stoke titles with a lighthearted ‘shaggy-dog’ tale in Old Dog New Tricks. Teen queen L. A. Weatherly conjures up a fantastically romantic pair of star-crossed lovers in Soul Mates – we were smitten – and Nigel Hinton explores the painful issue of family destruction in the powerful On the Edge. Plus there’s a great new look for two of our eternally popular Robert Swindells titles, Snapshot and Burnout.

Linda Newbery’s Tilly’s Promise taught our team that there is something new to learn about even the most well-trodden periods of history. We hadn’t realised that the ‘Great War’ saw all physically fit young men called up to fight – including those with learning difficulties, for whom the war must have been especially terrifying. Linda was inspired by a poem by Siegfried Sassoon on this very subject, and created the immensely moving narrative of war nurse Tilly Peacock and her gentle elder brother Georgie, whose mind is very much younger than his years. The gorgeous cover is an embroidery by artist Stewart Easton, inspired by the embroidered postcards sent home from France and Belgium during the War, and featuring Georgie with his beloved horses. Here’s a look at the first chapter:

Order Tilly’s Promise online.

Bali Rai is one of our best authors of urban fiction with a multicultural edge. Read the first chapter of Old Dog New Tricks here:

Order Old Dog New Tricks online.

L. A. Weatherly is the author of the brilliant Angel trilogy, and we’re very excited that Soul Mates is the first in a trilogy for Barrington Stoke. Look out for instalments two and three later in the year. Here’s a sneak peek at book one:

Order Soul Mates online.

Nigel Hinton is the author of smash-hit Buddy and a champion of the short novel for teens. On the Edge has an air of real menace, as Dylan and Robbie’s estranged father arrives to take them for an unplanned holiday:

Order On the Edge online.

Big thanks to all our January authors and artists and, as always, to our fabulous cover designer Rich Carr.

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