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Month: March 2014

Sterling and the Canary: New Tweeting Edition!

Tweet tweet tweet! Tweet tweet tweet, tweet tweet ”“ tweet! Tweet tweet tweet tweet tweet tweet tweet. Tweet tweet, “Tweet, tweet tweet tweet tweet.” Tweet, tweet tweet, tweet tweet. Tweet. Tweet tweet tweet tweet, tweet. TRANSLATION: Read on for lots of interesting tidbits about our brand new tweeting edition of Sterling and the Canary by Andy Stanton ”“ giving voice to birds everywhere! About […]

Backlist love: Cheesemares by Ross Collins

“Gorgonzola made him see electronic newsreaders with skin-melting farts.” The Story: Hal is determined to get to the bottom of the terrible nightmares he has anytime he eats cheese. Edam, Dutch Blue, Cheddar, Gorgonzola, Stilton ”“ you name it ”“ they all give Hal terrifying cheesemares. Hal and his faithful dog Rufus set off for […]

Bologna Book Fair: what’s it all about?

It seems that Book Fairs are a bit of a mystery to many ”“ individuals who are not involved with the book trade often confuse fairs with book festivals and it seems that even authors can find Frankfurt Messe or Earls Court somewhat bewildering come book fair season. Last year there was a rash of articles […]

Bologna Children’s Book Fair 2014: Day 1

On Saturday, three members of our team ”“ around 40% of Barrington Stoke* ”“ gathered at the crack of dawn to lug 110kg of kit on a multi-leg flight across Europe to take part in the Bologna Children’s Book Fair. These are the joys of living in Scotland; our London-based children’s publishing colleagues have a […]

Backlist Love: My Name is O by Sam Enthoven

I have a huge soft spot for any and all things supernatural or fantasy-related, and will happily devour books, films or television shows in the genre. My Name is O is one of my favourite fantasy titles on the Barrington Stoke list because it does a brilliant job of dropping the reader into a world that is just familiar enough […]