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Sterling and the Canary: New Tweeting Edition!

Sterling-New EditionTweet tweet tweet!

Tweet tweet tweet, tweet tweet ”“ tweet! Tweet tweet tweet tweet tweet tweet tweet. Tweet tweet, “Tweet, tweet tweet tweet tweet.” Tweet, tweet tweet, tweet tweet. Tweet. Tweet tweet tweet tweet, tweet.

TRANSLATION: Read on for lots of interesting tidbits about our brand new tweeting edition of Sterling and the Canary by Andy Stanton ”“ giving voice to birds everywhere!

About the New Edition:
We’re very excited about the NEW edition of Sterling and the Canary by the author of the massively bestselling Mr Gum series, Andy Stanton. This edition has all sorts of awesome additions, like:

Additional artwork from the immensely talented Ross Collins:

Illustration from Sterling and the Canary by Andy Stanton

An interview with the hilarious Andy Stanton:

Interview with Andy Stanton

And a super difficult maze at the back of the book:

Sterling Maze

But the coolest thing about this new edition is … the SPECIAL CANARY SOUND EFFECTS!

Click here to hear the Tweeting noise.

Wow, that was pretty awesome, huh?

You can buy the new edition of Sterling and the Canary here, or read the first chapter below:

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