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Sneak Peek: The Wickford Doom by Chris Priestley

Sneak Peek-The Wickford Doom

We are very excited to welcome Chris Priestley, award-winning author of the Tales of Terror series, to the Barrington Stoke list this January with a haunting, historical adventure called The Wickford Doom. This book is longer than a standard Barrington Stoke 8-12 title to offer readers something more substantial and help bridge the gap into enjoying longer novels.

The Wickford Doom

About the book
When Harry and his mother inherit a house from a mysterious relative of his father’s following his death in the War, they travel across the country to discover the bequeathing was a cruel trick ”“ the house has fallen into the sea. But it seems there’s even more afoot at Wickford Hall than they first imagined, as tales of lost children and evil paintings soon capture Harry’s imagination. Is there something evil lurking in the land? And can Harry defeat it before it swallows him up too?

The book also features spectacular chapter vignettes by illustrator Vladimir Stankovic.




You can read a chapter sample from the book below:

The Wickford Doom by Chris Priestley is due out this January!

Wickford Doom

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