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New titles for January 2015

New Titles for January 2015 This month we have a host of great new books and a few fab new editions. For teens we have The Devil’s Angel by Kevin Brooks, his first novel since winning the Carnegie Medal in 2014; Blindside by Aidan Chambers, an author we are thrilled to welcome to the Barrington Stoke list; and another tense teen thriller from Nigel Hinton called Daredevil.

For 8-12s we have Street Corner Dad by Alan Gibbons, which was inspired by Alan’s own family stories, and The Wickford Doom by Chris Priestley, another author we are thrilled to have joining the Barrington Stoke list with this chilling horror. We also have three new editions: Just a Bit of Fun by Robert Swindells, Torrent by Bernard Ashley, and The Gun by Bali Rai. Read on to learn more about all the books and read an extract from each…

About the Books

For 8-12s

The Wickford Doom by Chris Priestley
When Harry and his mother inherit a house from a mysterious relative of his father’s following his death in the War, they travel across the country to discover the bequeathing was a cruel trick ”“ the house has fallen into the sea. But it seems there’s even more afoot at Wickford Hall than they first imagined, as tales of lost children and evil paintings soon capture Harry’s imagination. Is there something evil lurking on the land? And can Harry defeat it before it swallows him up too? A brilliant story with stunning chapter vignettes by Vladimir Stankovic.

From the author…
“I take being asked to write for Barrington Stoke as a seal of approval because the quality of writers on their list is so high,” says author Chris Priestley. “Someone said to me, ‘You should feel honoured ”“ they only let really good writers write for them.’ I hope that’s true ”“ and I do feel honoured! I also really admire what they are doing and have welcomed the chance to be part of it. Barrington Stoke is a very special publisher and I’m very, very pleased to be working with them.”

Read the first chapter of The Wickford Doom below, or buy The Wickford Doom by Chris Priestley here.

Street Corner Dad by Alan Gibbons
It’s the height of World War II. Jimmy and his sister Molly are a couple of the only kids to have not been evacuated to the countryside and with no school to speak of, they lead fairly carefree lives despite the war raging around them. But tragedy strikes when their mother is killed in an air-raid and Nan, blaming their father for her death, forbids him to see the children ever again. Can Jimmy and Molly figure out a way to see their father? A powerful and moving story with brilliant illustrations by Ismael Pinteno.

From the author…
“Families share stories. Mine is no different. Street Corner Dad is inspired by real events in the childhood of my mother-in-law Maisie Long,” says author Alan Gibbons. “She grew up in the Scotland Road area of Liverpool before and during World War II. When I heard her talking about having to meet her father on the street corner because of a family rift, I knew it was a tale that needed to be told. Many of the best stories are about surviving adversity, learning resilience and courage. That’s what I heard in Maisie’s rich description of her childhood. Her anecdotes provided the skeleton of the story. I am delighted to see this only slightly fictionalised narrative published on the seventieth anniversary of VE Day, and event that features in my little book.”

Read the first chapter of Street Corner Dad below, or buy Street Corner Dad by Alan Gibbons here.

For Teens

The Devil’s Angel by Kevin Brooks
When Dean first appears at school, John knows right away that there’s something different about him. The two form a fast bond and dream of starting a band together, but underneath all the usual teenage posturing of drinking, drugs and rebellion against authority, there’s a darker side to Dean that needs more ”“ more wildness, more violence…

You can read the first chapter of The Devil’s Angel below, or buy The Devil’s Angel by Kevin Brooks here.

Blindside by Aidan Chambers
Pete’s a brilliant runner and dreams of athletic stardom ”“ but fate intervenes. Pete is blindsided when he is involved in a horrific bike collision and his whole life is knocked off course. Stuck in a hospital bed and lamenting the loss of his mobility as well as his shattered dreams, the other people on his ward help Pete see that giving up on life is not the answer. An emotionally challenging and well-written drama that confronts the messiness of life head-on.

You can read the first chapter of Blindside below, or buy Blindside by Aidan Chambers here.

Daredevil by Nigel Hinton
Ben has always looked up to his big brother, but Sam has always picked on Ben. Nothing he does seems to impress Sam ”“ except the dares. Ben knows he shouldn’t fall for Sam’s tricks but something about those three words ”“ “I dare you” ”“ make him do anything Sam says. As Ben gets caught up in an ever-escalating series of dares, will he ever be able to break Sam’s spell over him? Or will the dares eventually go too far…?

You can read the first chapter of Daredevil below, or buy Daredevil by Nigel Hinton here.

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