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Month: March 2015

Happy Mother’s Day from Barrington Stoke

Mother’s Day is coming up this weekend and if you’ve not got yourself organised yet, never fear. We’ve put together some downloadable cards to make sure that mums everywhere get spoilt rotten. So feast your eyes on these marvellous designs, print them out, fold them up and give with love this Sunday! Click on the pictures to […]

Books and boats: The Girl with the Sunshine Smile

Do you know the publishing terms frontlist and backlist? Frontlist means the new books published in any given year. The backlist is everything else. Some books don’t spend very long at all as frontlist ”“ a book published in December, for example, is only frontlist for a few weeks. The distinction isn’t hugely important to […]

On children and reading, books and status

Recently we got into a discussion on Twitter on a familiar theme. A Barrington Stoke fan responded to the mother of a dyslexic daughter, who was really struggling with reading, and recommended our books. She tagged us and therefore we saw the mother’s response, in which she stated that her daughter would be sensitive to […]