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All the fun of the Fair: Bologna 2015

Bologna Book Fair

Another Bologna Book Fair has come and gone and a buzzy, exciting and of course exhausting event it was too. Here are our top ten moments:

1. The authors.
Malorie Blackman swung by the stand, Eoin Colfer popped in for a glass of fizz and a squizz at Frank Cottrell Boyce’s hilarious Desirable (Jane also met Frank on the way home with his mum in tow). Sally Gardner came to talk reading for everyone and Jonathan Meres joined an impromptu catch-up for Edinburgh residents.

Jane, Kirstin and others on stand

Jonathan Meres catching up with Edinburgh residents on the Barrington Stoke stand.

2. The proof-reading.
We realised Philip Ardagh’s name was on our stand not once but TWICE…

3. The photoshopping.
Some peeps back home came up with this lovely spoof.

4. The rights customers.
Nicholas of Bayard Canard has done amazing work training and inspiring teachers to use Barrington Stoke translations and the translations are selling brilliantly as a result.

5. The camaraderie.
We have a lovely night at Anna McQuinn’s Waifs and Strays dinner and met lots of other indie publishers from the UK and abroad.

Dinner shot

Barrington Stokers enjoying dinner with fellow indie publishers.

6. The city.
Our big treat was seeing inside Palazzo Montanari at Leo UK’s amazing party.


The Palazzo Montanari at Leo UK’s amazing party.

7. The comedy value.
One lady came along to show us her squirrel dress because she had heard we are ‘the squirrel people’. Another popped by to take a photo of our lunch.

Woman with squirrel dress and Julie-ann

Julie-ann posing with the woman in the awesome squirrel dress.


8. The proof-reading.
We realised Philip Ardagh’s name was on our stand not once but TWICE… (See what we did there?!?)

9. The weather.
It was snowing in Edinburgh. It was not snowing in Bologna. For the first time in the last three years we had glorious weather and an Aperol Spritz in a pavement cafe was a treat and not a punishment.

10. Wolfman.
Our Michael Rosen and Chris Mould character was having a great time at the Fair, threatening authors on our own stand and adorning the Sinnos stand over in the Italian hall, where he was even available in seaside-photo-opportunity format!

Wolfman stand

Wolfman adorning the Sinnos stand over in the Italian hall.

Comedy comment from Chris Mould F:B

And our bottom five:

1. The bus strike on the first day and general overcrowding on the limited Fair buses all week.

2. The toilets.

3. The queues for the toilets.

4. The queues for everything else.

5. We are Scottish, and so of course the weather was really too hot.

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