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Bulletcatchers, rugby and”¦ er, cabbages: June new releases


It’s June publication day and we have new books packed with action, adventure and side-splitting humour that are ideal for summer reading.

Bulletcatcher by Chris Bradford
They say you can’t outrun a bullet, but what if you could stop one? Troy gets caught up in a terrorist attack that should have killed him ”“ and now an agency that recruits kids with special talents wants him to join their ranks. Soon Troy has his first assignment ”“ as a bodyguard for the mayor’s daughter.

Bulletcatcher is the first in an adrenaline-fuelled new series for 8-12s and will go down a storm with fans of Muchamore and Horowitz. Get stuck into the first chapter below:

The Borderlands boys are back in Deadlocked, the final instalment of Tom Palmer’s Rugby Academy trilogy. Owen and the squad have fought hard to get to the World Championship finals. Now they’re 12,000 miles from home, their Forces parents are in danger, and the team is falling apart. Tom wrote a recent post about his research for Deadlocked and you can read the first chapter below:

In Philip Ardagh’s The Black Knight of Gressingham, Squat is happy in his hovel until Big Jim turns up, breaks down his door and convinces him to become an outlaw. Soon Squat has to face Sir Jack de Zack armed with only a ”¦ cabbage. Read the first chapter below:

There’s also a fresh look for our gorgeous Karen McCombie books Sweetness and Lies, Candy Girl and Running from the Rainbow. Horrible Histories creator Terry Deary’s rollicking Pitt Street Pirates gets a revamp. And for young teens there’s Hero by Pete Johnson, in which one well-meaning kid winds up having to fight the hardest boy in school.

Keep an eye on the blog for a look into how Chris Bradford went about researching Bulletcatcher.

All Barrington Stoke books are dyslexia friendly and use a special font printed on a tinted background for a smoother read.

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