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Four new Little Gems for July

Little Gems

It’s almost July publication day and we’ve got four brand new Little Gems for 5-8s coming up. The children’s stories bring together much-loved authors and illustrators with a layout that’s great for emergent readers.

Ted Rules the World by Frank Cottrell Boyce
Life gets very strange for Ted when a new Prime Minister is elected and begins to rule the country according ”“ it seems ”“ to what’s going on in Ted’s own mind. The book has illustrations by the new Children’s Laureate Chris Riddell and Cate James. Read the first chapter below.

The Gingerbread Star by Anne Fine
A little grey worm called Hetty meets all sorts of people ”“ and their cats ”“ on her quest to discover how she can have a glow inside her like a glow-worm. The book has charming illustrations by Vicki Gausden. Read the first chapter below.

The Smile by Michelle Magorian
Josh’s new little brother has ruined his life. The baby cries all the time, gets all the attention and has made the family move house. Life is never going to be the same. A tender story illustrated by Sam Usher. Read the first chapter below.

Joe and the Dragonosaurus by Berlie Doherty
Joe can’t have a pet, and so he makes one up for his school project ”“ a Dragonosaurus. But when a sickly calf is born on his neighbour’s farm, he soon forgets all about his imaginary pet. Illustrated by Becka Moor. Read the first chapter below.

And finally, Mary’s Hair by Eoin Colfer is back ”“ and now the world’s worst hairdresser is in colour.

Our new titles will be available to buy mid-July. For a taste of our Little Gems here’s Julia Donaldson reading the first chapter of The Snake Who Came to Stay. Keep an eye on the blog this month for early reading tips and Q&As with our Little Gems authors.

Barrington Stoke’s Little Gems have a chunky format suited to little hands and an easy-to-read font that supports new readers. They are also accessible to children and parents with dyslexia, giving everyone the chance to read great stories.

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