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Month: August 2015

Those darn publishers

Back in July at YALC we spotted a trend on the panels: many authors said they couldn’t answer sticky questions about what the industry will and won’t tolerate in content terms because these were ‘questions for the publisher’. There weren’t any book publishers on the panels and so some questions went unanswered. I don’t think […]

Where I Write: Karen McCombie

Honey and Me by Karen McCombie is out next week! When life gets difficult for Kirsten, she confides in her long-time best friend Honey. Although she hasn’t seen Honey in years, nothing has changed and it never will, because Honey isn’t like Kirsten’s other friends. We explored the space where Karen creates such wonderful stories… […]

The bulk of big books vs the power of the short novel

The Reading Agency’s David Kendall is the project manager for the Reading Ahead scheme in prisons and workplaces, building reading confidence and changing lives. He spoke to the Barrington Stoke team about the recent ”“ and possibly detrimental ”“ trend that favours bigger books. ”˜The only art is to omit’ ”“ RL Stevenson A café […]