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Free books and unlimited Wi-Fi if Dyslexia Action ruled the world

For the fourth installment in our “if I were in charge” series we spoke to Alison Keeley, who looks after Dyslexia Action’s Learning Centres in the South of England. Prior to joining Dyslexia Action, she worked as a Deputy Head and for Booktrust. We asked Alison for 10 laws she would introduce if she ruled the world.

Alison Keeley’s 10 Laws:

1. Everyone would receive a free book on their birthday, no matter how old they are.

2. There would be training provided on dyslexia and other hidden disabilities for all trainee teachers.

3. Free Wi-Fi for everyone, everywhere.

4. Adults would have to read children’s literature, so they could enjoy the brilliance of children’s stories and also so they could recommend books to children and young adults.

5. All books would be printed with dyslexia friendly features.

6. Everyone would be shown how to use assistive technology, such as text-to-speech software.

7. All young people and adults would be encouraged to do voluntary work at least one day a year.

8. Children and teachers would be fully consulted and listened to when changes to educational policies or the curriculum were made.


Alison Keeley from Dyslexia Action.

9. Funding for adult education, particularly for adults who need extra support with literacy and numeracy skills, would be increased.

10. Countries who have a large carbon footprint or who do not meet required recycling levels will have to pay fines.

Thanks, Alison! You can read more about Dyslexia Action’s work here or read the previous blogs in the Barrington Stoke “if I were in charge” series.

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