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Scary reads from Barrington Stoke this Halloween


Halloween is approaching so here are ten spooky stories from Barrington Stoke guaranteed to put the ”˜BOO’ into BOOK.

For Kids (8-12)

Young Werewolf by Cornelia Funke (Reading Age 8+)
When Matt and his best friend Lisa encounter a strange beast in a dark alley, Matt’s life is changed forever. As the full moon approaches, Matt’s body begins to warp into something else”¦ Illustrated by David Roberts.

Hagurosan by Darren Shan (Reading Age 8)
Hagurosan steals from the spirits in the shrine. The spirits have cursed people for less and struck them down dead. What will they do to Hagurosan? Illustrated by Zack McLaughlin.

The Wickford Doom by Chris Priestley (Reading Age 8+)
Harry and his mother are thrilled when they inherit Wickford Hall, but the inheritance is a cruel joke from beyond the grave. Illustrated by Vladimir Stankovic and recently nominated for the Lancashire School Library Services Fantastic Book Awards.

Annie’s Choice by Catherine MacPhail (Reading Age 8)
A ghostly voice promises to help Karam, a new arrival to the UK, deal with the bully at school. But there is a price to pay”¦ Illustrated by Vladimir Stankovic.

A Perfectly Ordinary School by Jeremy Strong (Reading Age 8)
A laugh-out-loud tale of blood, guts and monsters. Frankie’s had enough of being picked on in class, so his parents pack him off to a very special school where he can learn how to stand up to his classmates… if only he can survive the teachers! Illustrated by Scoular Anderson.

For Teens:

Jon for Short by Malorie Blackman (Reading Age 7)
Every time Jon wakes up, another part of him is missing. Where is he, why are these things happening and why does everyone call him Joe? Illustrated by Vladimir Stankovic.

Ghost Stadium by Tom Palmer (Reading Age 8)
School’s out for the summer and three boys are going to kick it off in style: they are going to climb into the old Northface Stadium and camp out for the night. But the boys soon find they are not alone as a terrible event from the stadium’s past resurfaces.

You Killed Me by Keith Gray (Reading Age 8)
Toby wakes up to find a ghost at the end of the bed with a hole in his head. The ghost says Toby killed him but how can that be possible? He’s just a kid who loves comics. He’s not a killer ”“ is he?

The Dying Photo by Alan Gibbons (Reading Age 8)
Jimmy’s shopping with his parents when a photographer offers to take their picture. The camera flashes. Both Jimmy’s parents and the photographer are gone, and all that’s left is a negative fluttering to the ground. On it are Jimmy’s parents. And they’re screaming…

Jet Black Heart by Teresa Flavin (Reading Age 8)
A mysterious jet pendant pulls Dory back in time and into the arms of Eli. But is this handsome stranger all he seems?

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