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New Books! New Books! August New Titles


A new month means new titles and with the fantastic range of beautiful books hitting the shelves this August, it’s simply hard to pick a favourite!

Non Pratt makes her hotly anticipated debut onto the Barrington Stoke list with Unboxed, a poignant novella about the enduring nature of friendships. Reminiscent of The Breakfast Club in its vivid and honest reflection of youth, Unboxed features a brilliantly diverse cast of characters who face heartbreak and home truths as they return to their old school and discover that no one can ever truly go back.


Unboxed by Non Pratt

Cover artwork by Kate Alizadeh

Bestselling author Jonathan Meres displays delicate storytelling in his first Little Gem, Grandpa Was An Astronaut. Charming and evocative, the darling story about Sherman’s space ace adventure to Grandpa’s house highlights the very special bond between young children and their grandparents. Jonathan effortlessly accomplishes the tricky balance between celebrating space exploration and vivid imaginations, and offering a gentle, comforting narrative to help with issues of loss and moving on.




In line with our mission to break down barriers to reading, we proudly publish John Steinbeck’s timeless classic, Of Mice and Men, in a format accessible to all readers. This first-ever dyslexia-friendly edition of the novel will be typeset in our specially-designed font and will display other key Barrington Stoke features such as increased leading and tinted paper. We hope to open John Steinbeck’s masterpiece to a new range of readers, not just to encourage an appreciation and understanding of masterful works but also to unlock a love of reading.


Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

Cover artwork by David Wardle

Meanwhile, Barrington Stoke continues its commemoration of #Shakespeare400 with another historical adventure from Tony BradmanMaster Will and the Spanish Spy looks to the time before he became the Bard – back when Will was just a young boy with dreams of running away with the Players to escape the torrid affairs that haunt his family life. With espionage and religious intrigue as the backdrop for the coming of age story of one of literature’s greatest icons, this tension-filled book promises to keep readers at the edge of their seats and immerse them in the drama of Tudor England.


Tom Palmer’s Wings series draws to a close with Wings: Typhoon, a modern military adventure following a pair of sisters who just can’t seem to see eye to eye. Maddie and Jess have an out-of-body adventure when they find themselves strapped into the cockpit of a Typhoon fighter plane amidst present-day conflicts in the Middle East. The sisters must learn to settle their differences so they can accomplish their mission… and maybe find a way back home.


B Format Template

Last, but certainly far from the least, beloved national treasure Alexander McCall Smith offers an adorable picture book about difference, family and acceptance. Boing Boing follows the story of a little girl who has springs in her knees. Along with McCall Smith’s particular talent for writing about human kindness, energetic and vibrant illustrations from Zoe Persico make this an engaging and delightful book for young readers and the adults who read it with them.



Boing Boing spread 6a

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