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Setting a national agenda in November


November sees the start of lots of exciting books projects: from Children’s Book Week (more on that to follow!), to NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month – check it out here), and also the launch of National Non-Fiction November – a month of activity and focus on non fiction books – easily searchable by using #NNFN across social media.

A celebration of all things factual, this initiative is run by the Federation of Children’s Book Groups; more information about their 2016 programme can be found via their website, here.

National Non-Fiction November 2016

Here at Barrington Stoke we have long believed in the benefits of non-fiction – we know that plenty of readers have been created by finding a non-fiction book or topic that captures their attention. We’re especially keen on narrative non-fiction, which can satisfy the desire of many young readers to have a purpose for their reading – ‘finding out about stuff’ – while sneakily getting them used to the conventions of fiction. From there the jump is easily made to football fiction, say, or or animal stories, and all fiction becomes much more accessible.

You can find our selection of current non fiction titles here.

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