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New Books! New Books! New November Titles

A new month brings new titles and Barrington Stoke’s new November titles spoil with award-winning authors Robert Swindells, Hilary McKay and Jonathan Meres.

Tan and his family are scavengers, living like jackals, stealing from the kills of lions and other big cats to survive. It’s no life at all. Then Wid, the simplest of them all, comes up with a daring proposal…

The First Hunter by Carnegie Medallist Robert Swindells is a unique look at prehistoric times, one of historical fiction’s most overlooked eras. It is brought to life by all-new black and white illustrations by Si Clark, making this the first illustrated Swindells title on the Barrington Stoke list and perfect for upper primary and lower secondary classrooms.

The First Hunter

The First Hunter


© Si Clark

Tom, Ellie and Whiskers the Cat have to go and live with witchy Aunt Tab when their parents set off on a raft around the world. But staying with Aunt Tab turns out to be worse than they thought – everything in her house is covered with sticky treacle! Can Tom and Ellie escape, or are they… stuck?

This extra accessible, reading age 7 edition of Hilary McKay’s The Sticky Witch has been edited specifically so that more readers of different abilities can enjoy the story. It also features additional black and white illustrations by Mike Phillips.

The Sticky Witch


© Mike Phillips

Darren is going to be the best rock guitarist ever – just as soon as he learns how to play the guitar… His dad says he can have an electric guitar for his birthday, but he has to solve his dad’s puzzles first!

Diary of a Trainee Rock God is the second of Jonathan Meres’ Barrington Stoke titles to get the fun and chunky treatment, with Fame Thing kicking it off in October. Complete with brand new artwork by Jake McDonald, this edition of Diary of a Trainee Rock God is full of energy and laugh-out-loud antics.

Diary of a Trainee Rock God Diary of a Trainee Rock God


© Jake McDonald

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