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Review of the Year 2016: Big Thanks to the Bloggers


As 2016 draws to a close we have been looking back over the year and especially the new titles we’ve published over the last twelve months. We have so much to be thankful for in terms of our incredible authors, illustrators, designers, sales people, customers and other supporters. One BIG thanks we want to give today is to the incredible community of bloggers who have taken our mission to their hearts.

Our core 8-12s and Little Gems have been reviewed, discussed and rounded-up by a huge range of bloggers. Special mentions go to Playing by the Book, Minerva Reads, Bookwitch, Space on the Bookshelf and Making them Readers for support and coverage book after book and year after year. You’re all inspiring.


In August we published Non Pratt’s incredible Unboxed and were introduced to a new community of passionate YA bloggers shouting from the rooftops about the books they love. We were reviewed on a raft of new – to us – blogs including Serendipity Reviews, the Mile Long Bookshelf, Almost Amazing Grace and more. It was especially touching that so many of these reviewers were discovering Barrington Stoke’s dyslexia-friendly mission for the first time and had such supportive and kind words to say. Almost Amazing Grace (who is TOTALLY amazing) even gave Unboxed to a friend with dyslexia:

Unboxed“I gave Ryan a copy of Non Pratt’s Unboxed (my review can be found here!), a recently released shorter novel published by the utter babes at Barrington Stoke – a fantastic publisher who call themselves ‘the home of super-readable books’. They work hard to make sure those with differing reading abilities are able to enjoy literature as much as possible. They use simpler fonts, wider spacing, tinted pages, and even thicker paper in order to minimise the confusion for dyslexic readers.

“Ryan immediately noticed the thicker pages, saying he sometimes finds it difficult when he is able to see through pages – the lettering and sentences can get muddled.”

– Almost Amazing Grace, ‘Dyslexia Awareness Week: An Interview with Ryan


9781911370024We were in tears here (and UTTER BABES? Bless you Grace!)

Another YA title that saw amazing support from the blogosphere was Manuela Salvi’s Girl Detached, published on our sister list The Bucket List. The bloggers supporting the book were really too many to mention here but a special shout-out must go to Luna’s Little Library, La Chouett and The F-Word.

Luna also ran a fantastic diversity month with lots of coverage of Barrington Stoke. Three cheers for Luna and all her inclusively-minded followers and friends.

We have no doubt missed off countless other bloggers whose support over the year has meant so much to us and to our authors and illustrators.

Thanks to you all, and thank goodness you exist. Children’s books still struggle for coverage in the print media and so your online spaces giving them lots of love are even more precious to us.

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