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New Books! New Books! July New Titles

There’s something for everyone in our mixed bag of July new titles. Whether you’re looking for mysteries, magic, or… cats, there’s sure to be something this month to tickle your fancy.

Once there was a very fierce cat. Not just fierce: really fierce, totally, terrifyingly, stupendously fierce. Everyone was afraid of this cat.  His name was Dread and everyone dreaded Dread Cat. But Dread Cat was running out of luck catching mice. So he announced that he was giving up the chase. The war was over. But is it really…?

Filled to the brim with a sharp sense of wit and whimsy as only this little tale of cat-and-mouse could, Dread Cat is an ideal collaboration between former Children’s Laureate Michael Rosen and Waterstones Children’s Book Prize-winning illustrator Nicola O’Byrne.

Emma is happy to sleep in her Cousin Annie’s old attic bedroom when staying with her Great-Aunt Win. But when bedtime comes, she starts feeling nervous. Her brother Joe insists that the room is haunted. Could he be right? Emma must face her fears and uncover the mystery behind the haunting of Annie’s old room.

A timeless tale from Philippa PearceThe Ghost in Annie’s Room is a wonderfully atmospheric and tender story that is both in keeping with the magical tradition and delightfully current, with brand new artwork from illustration star Cate James.

Ketty was technically dead for two minutes and thirty-nine seconds, according to the doctors who saved her. She’s on the mend but she doesn’t remember anything about the accident, or much from before. The doctors say her memories will come back, but in the meantime school is frightening and confusing. Her only friend seems to be Otis, and he may just hold the key to remembering the old Ketty…

The Mystery of Me is a warm and endearing story about finding your identity and accepting yourself. It features Karen McCombie’s unique perspective into the lives and hearts of young girls everywhere, and is illustrated throughout with gentle black and white artwork by Cathy Brett.

When Cinder Ashok’s mother dies in a freak carriage accident, he doesn’t think life can get any worse. But then his dad marries a total horror and Ash Boy inherits bullying step-brothers Rock and Boulder. All Cinder wants is to be left in peace in the library with his side-kick Buttons. But Rock and Boulder are on a mission to compete in Prince Charmless’ upcoming tournament. Everything turns upside down when Cinder’s fairy godfather magics him into the tournament. Now he’s got a happily-ever-after in his sights!

A Barrington Stoke debut for bestselling author Lucy Coats, Ash Boy: A CinderFella Story is a brilliant and funny fractured fairytale from an author with a singular talent for finding the new and exciting in classic fairytales and myths. The book also features brilliantly madcap illustrations from Mark Beech.

Finally, when Marcie’s little silver kitten Misty goes missing, her best friend Ellie leaps into action and Operation Find Misty is born. But Ellie’s detective skills are put to the test when it seems like Marcie’s dreams of a mysterious boy might lead the pair to the missing kitten…

The Valentine’s Day Kitten is another dream of a book from bestselling author and all-around cat enthusiast Cathy Hopkins, featuring purr-fect black and white illustrations from Joëlle Dreidemy. Featuring the author’s signature sweetness and warmth, Cathy expertly explores themes of friendship and family – both of the furry variety and otherwise.

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