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Where I Work: Steve Cole

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On this edition of Where I Work, Steve Cole, the author of Senseless, takes us around his creative space filled with dinosaurs, spies, and the occasional trips down memory lane. Take it away Steve!


This is my writing spot, upstairs in my house. I should tell you my desk is never normally clear like this, but when it heard it was going to have its picture taken it got all self-conscious and poshed itself up. I blame the fact that the central section of the desk can be pulled open to reveal a mirror: my desk is actually looking at itself all the time… in pitch blackness. This probably explains a lot about my work.

Where I Work Steve Cole - Desk

I like sitting here because there’s a window right in front of me, angled up so I can only see the sky. I like to imagine different views; that the sky out there is hanging over the sights my characters would see, wherever they are; it helps me get into their heads.

Where I Work Steve Cole - View

I’m not always the only one there: in my new book, Senseless, a bunch of young gamers find their senses being taken one by one by an unknown force. I wrote it here late at night with the blind down and the lights out for extra eeriness.

That meant I couldn’t see the comforting shape of Teggs Stegosaur, hero of my Astrosaurs adventures, standing in the office corner, nor the special artwork presented to me by Ian Fleming Publications when I finished my stint on Young Bond!

Where I Work Steve Cole - Teggs Stegosaur Where I Work Steve Cole - Young Bond

I have most of my books from across the years squashed into a bookcase too, guarded by the occasional plaything from my own childhood.

Where I Work Steve Cole - Bookshelf

Since writing Senseless I’ve been much more aware of my surroundings – the hum of the computer, the clouds sniffing past outside, the feel of my chair’s flaking armrests under my elbows. Why not try sitting down in a spot you know well and concentrate on all that you can see and hear and feel? Then, next time you pick up a book, imagine you’re the central character and do the same. Stand in their shoes to get inside their head.


Thanks for the tour Steve! That was awesome!

Hope you all enjoyed that! Head on here if you want to know more about Steve Cole’s thrilling new book, Senseless!

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