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New Book Alert! featuring The Last Days of Archie Maxwell

The Last Days of Archie Maxwell by Annabel Pitcher

Help us give a big Barrington Stoke welcome to bestselling, award-winning author Annabel Pitcher as she joins our list with The Last Days of Archie Maxwell.

The Last Days of Archie Maxwell by Annabel Pitcher - front cover

Dads leave home all the time. It’s not that unusual, really. Jack’s dad ran off with another woman. So did Mo’s. But Archie’s? That’s a different story – a story that Archie must keep to himself. If Tia found out, let alone his mates, his life would be over. But other people are guarding much deeper secrets of their own, secrets that will change the course of Archie’s days for ever …


The Last Days of Archie Maxwell by Annabel Pitcher - inside pages

The Last Days of Archie Maxwell by Annabel Pitcher - inside flap 2

Full of tenderness and spirit and showcasing Annabel Pitcher’s distinctive, punchy and entirely true to life voice, The Last Days of Archie Maxwell turns the traditional teen-coming-out narrative on its head, reversing the roles of father and son in a fresh, candid tale of modern family life.

Annabel says of the book:

“It is hard to put into words that first, mystical flicker of inspiration. With Archie, it was a number of things. The location was important. I walk my dog by a train track, crossing it several times, always surprised and a bit unnerved by how easy it would be to not get off the track when the signal turned from red to green. The rumble of the trains accompanied my thoughts for many long hours, and slowly, the vague outline of a story about a boy who lives by a track and is tempted to do the unthinkable started to emerge. I had also, somewhere, had an idea for a book that began with a boy and a girl going to a bridge to commit suicide on the very same morning. What would they do? What would they say? Would they still feel a duty to save each other, even if they were about to die themselves? Some of these questions found their answers in The Last Days of Archie Maxwell.”

Whet your appetite even further by reading the first chapter below:

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