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Sir Michael Morpurgo and Barrington Stoke

Sir Michael Morpurgo and Barrington Stoke

The 2018 New Years Honours list saw celebrated and beloved author Michael Morpurgo awarded a knighthood for his services to literature and charity. Michael’s relationship with Barrington Stoke started 20 years ago when Wartman was one of our launch titles in May 1998.

The original 1999 cover of Wartman

Sir Michael is one of the great storytellers of our time and he has been engaging our young readers with some of the most successful stories on the Barrington Stoke list. He also helped us launch the Picture Squirrels series and is an ardent supporter of its mission to support adults who struggle to read to their children. We love his passion for getting children and their families enjoying stories and for inspiring librarians and teachers wherever he goes.

(And he’s a seriously nice man to boot!)

As part of our 20 years with Sir Michael, we have repackaged his first three Barrington Stoke books with gorgeous cover artwork by Catherine Rayner, who illustrated Clare and Her Captain.

Click here for a look at all Sir Michael Morpurgo’s Barrington Stoke books.

Use Sir Michael Morpurgo’s Barrington Stoke books in the classroom by clicking here and downloading the discussion guides for Wartman, Who’s a Big Bully Then? and Fox Friend

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