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New Books! New Books! February New Titles

February comes in with a sing and dance, bringing frogs, knights, prams (and whatever goes thump in the night…) in toe. Come and join in and help us celebrate our February new titles!

Hari is an ordinary boy with an extraordinary talent. He has an easy smile, a spring in his step and likes nothing more than watching – and learning from – his beloved Bollywood films. Hari’s fancy footwork is spotted by the kindly Mr Ram, a man on a mission to resolve conflicts near and far. Hari so entrances everyone with his magical moves that soon he’s summoned to the White House itself where his electric feet bring harmony to the world.

Set against a wonderfully authentic Indian backdrop, this is a joyful story about the power of dance.

Hari and his Electric Feet is shimmering joy of a book by global phenomenon Alexander McCall Smith, and illustrated with energetic and characterful artwork by award-winning Sam Usher, as inspired by his recent trip to India.


When the rain threatens to ruin the fun at summer camp, Malik and his friends are tasked with inventing a pram that any baby would love. But when ideas start flowing, tensions run high and it turns out that not everyone agrees on exactly what a baby would need. Only the PramBusters can be sure to sort this out!

PramBusters! shows national treasure Anne Fine on great form – warm, witty and full of imagination. This is a funny and charming Little Gem, with beautiful artwork by illustration star Vicki Gausden – Anne’s collaborator on The Gingerbread Star and Out for the Count.


The frogs always beat the toads at long jump but the toads don’t mind – anything for a quiet life. But then Alice, Jago and Mutt the Dog come in search of some good jumpers, and the toads see an opportunity to get their own back. Soon the poor frogs have been gathered up and put in an ice-cream tub, and they’re hopping mad!

This new edition of Sir Michael Morpurgo and Sam Usher’s We Are Not Frogs! comes in our Little Gems’ chunky, first-chapter format which is perfect for the little hands of new readers. The book also comes with delightfully fun activities, including a spot the difference game and a recipe for Granny’s delicious (and distracting) chocolate cake!


It should have been an easy job for Free Lance; protect the wealthy merchant and his jewels on a journey home, nothing out of the ordinary. But Free Lance ends up with a lot more than he bargained for when the villagers cry dragon. Can he save the beautiful damsel in distress and live to fight another day?

Free Lance and the Dragon’s Hoard is the final instalment in a trilogy of fantastical medieval adventures from the bestselling duo behind The Edge Chronicles, Paul Stewart and former UK Children’s Laureate Chris Riddell. With razor-sharp wit in both writing and illustration, Free Lance packs in a brilliant mix of action and tongue-and-cheek humour on every page. All three titles have high-spec packaging including covers on silver foil to give a full foil finish to great effect.

Also out this month are two new editions of classic Barrington Stoke titles.

Cherry Green Story Queen is Anne Dalton’s modern day take on the Arabian Nights. It follows Mia, Juno, Kyle and Billy – four children in a foster home who feel like they’re stuck in the wrong story. But when the mysterious Cherry turns up with her crazy patchwork bag and magic book, she opens up a whole new world to them. Will they all get a happy ending after all? This book features lovely black and white illustrations by Charlie Adler.

Meanwhile, in The Cupcake Wedding, Mia and James are getting married! But a tight budget means missing out on some wedding essentials – like the cake! Holly decides to put her baking skills to the test and surprise the happy couple with 1000 cupcakes! This is a heart-warming story from an award-winning author Gillian Cross and contains illustrations by Nina de Polonia.

Both these books are part of our popular lower reading age 4u2read series, edited and designed to an even more accessible format that readers of all abilities can enjoy! Both books are reading age 7.

Finally, something is going thump… thump… thump over at our sister imprint, The Bucket List.

The Red Dread is on the loose and Shrew and the other animals are afraid. From stolen nuts to missing rabbits, they whisper of the terrible actions of the Red Dread. As panic increases, logic and team spirit evaporate and soon it’s every creature for itself.

Witty, lively and gently thought-provoking, The Red Dread is a debut picture book from inky genius Tom Morgan-Jones. Told entirely in dialogue, this quirky read-aloud tale plays out in sly illustrations brimming with visual humour. The core theme of fear of the other is delivered with winks aplenty for the reader who will be thrilled to be in on the joke.

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