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New Books! New Books! March New Titles

Don’t let the still-dreary weather get you down. Colour this month with laughter and wonder as our March new titles bring lively stories for all readers to enjoy!

Emmy and Jeff live in a black and white world. But suddenly, the week has started with a splash of yellow and each new day brings a new colour into Emmy and Jeff’s lives. Join them as they explore all the colours in the rainbow!

Told in bright and clever spreads that brilliantly link colours and the imagination, Ross CollinsColour My Days is a fantastic introduction to colour for budding young readers. This new Picture Squirrel is beautifully designed in a smaller picture book format ideal for little hands, and is perfect for young children who want to engage and and start reading independently.

Illustrated by the author

Noah Scape loves dinosaurs and spaghetti with tomato sauce. But Noah doesn’t always get what he wants and when school doesn’t revolve around dinosaur facts and lunch isn’t always his tried and tested favourite, well… enough is enough! It’s time for him to stop wishing and to decide on exactly what he needs; a world full of Noahs!

The latest laugh-out-loud school-set comedy from bestselling and Blue Peter Award-winning author Guy Bass, Noah Scape follows his brilliant Barrington Stoke debut, Aidan Abet, Teacher’s Pet, which was selected for the Summer Reading Challenge and longlisted for the Leicester Libraries Our Best Book Award.

Illustrated by Steve May

Shona has always loved words. She even has her very own strange word thesaurus! When her and her classmates learn that some languages are dying out, Miss Bates tasks them with becoming top-class word detectives, proving to themselves and their families that there are many beautiful languages still thriving, even within their own classroom.

Shona, Word Detective is a warm and charming tale of language and the shared cultures that make up modern life. Featuring the same wonderful characters from 2014’s All Sorts to Make a World and 2016’s Going Batty, and written by national treasure John Agard, this book celebrates and enshrines diversity in John’s renowned style – this is a story full of humour and heart.

Illustrated by Michael Broad

Jud is football mad but never seems to get a chance on the pitch. But when Seaburn football team meet their rivals, Jud finally has the chance to step in as goalie. It’s a make-or-break moment – can Jud rise to the challenge?

The Hat Trick is a terrific post-war football-tale-with-a-twist from master storyteller, award-winning author and Horrible Histories family favourite Terry Deary. This new edition brings the book together with the distinct aesthetic of Terry’s other Barrington Stoke books.

Illustrated by Martin Remphry

Before Count Dracula became one of the greatest, most feared vampires of all time, he was just a young boy called Wilfred who didn’t really feel like he belonged anywhere. But Wilfred’s dad, the old Count, doesn’t think his son is up to the task of being a great vampire! Can Wilfred show his father what he’s really made of?

Michael Lawrence’s Young Dracula is the classic laugh-out-loud horror that inspired the hit BBC series of the same name. Bringing the book into vivid life are glorious black and white illustrations from inky star Chris Mould.

This new edition of Young Dracula is part of our 4u2read range, featuring a low reading age that makes it accessible for more readers.

Illustrated by Chris Mould


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