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New Books! New Books! May New Titles

This month we are going on all sorts of adventures with our May new titles!

We’re honoured to be publishing a story from the much missed and respected masterful story-teller Mal Peet. When a man returns to his childhood home and visits the old, run-down tree house in which his father once chose to live, his past and the strangeness of his family life is unravelled. Mal Peet’s novella The Family Tree is a skillfully written and beautifully designed book that engagingly portrays childhood nostalgia and the passing of time.

“I love this wonderful book. How does Mal Peet do so much in such a short space? It’s engrossing, haunting, beautifully written”
– David Almond

Boasting wonderful, full-colour illustrations by the talented Emma Shoard, this book holds a collectable air about it. Emma has previously illustrated The Pavee and the Buffer Girl with us at Barrington Stoke, and was longlisted for the Kate Greenaway Medal. Her free-flowing and expressive drawings are a perfect pairing for Mal’s powerful story.

Illustrated by Emma Shoard

Bella has a secret – one that she is very good at keeping. She has made a den, hidden among the trees on a muddy slope and out-of-sight. And nearby, some foxes have made a den of their own. But when the secret is betrayed, the foxes lives are put in danger, and so is a special friendship.

With a beautifully written story by award-winning Berlie Doherty and charming illustrations throughout by Ellie Snowdon, Bella’s Den is a warm and touching tale of the countryside, trust, loss and friendship that nature-lovers will adore.

Illustrated by Ellie Snowdon


After their adventures in The Knights of the Drop-Leaf Table, the Knights are back! They have a very important (and slightly silly) quest – their eyes are on the prize, they’ve drawn up the rules, and now they’re hitting the road on their less-than-trusty steeds. But will they return with magic amulets, dragon’s heads and damsels in distress, or will the temptation from Mrs Spunge’s kitchen prove too tasty to resist…?

The Knights and the Best Quest embarks on a hilarious medieval adventure with quirky characters written by award-winning queen of funny, Kaye Umansky, and featuring lively illustrations from Ben Whitehouse.

Illustrated by Ben Whitehouse

And last but by no means least, little dog McTavish is back with another adventure. When the Peachey family decides to go camping for their summer holiday, not everyone is as delighted as Ma Peachey and little Betty. Pa Peachey is convinced that terrible dangers lurk in the outdoors, Ollie only wants to know if there’s a disco and Ava would rather stay at home and read German philosophy. Will rescue dog McTavish figure out how to get the Peacheys to enjoy their family holiday – as a family?

Find out in the charmingly written and wonderfully illustrated McTavish Goes Wild by the award-wining author Meg Rosoff and talented illustrator Grace Easton. This engaging and witty novel reunites us with a fine cast of characters and is brimming with Meg Rosoff’s stylish prose and quirky humour. The much-loved canine is back to his old tricks in this glorious sequel to Good Dog McTavish that will have the whole family laughing once again.

Illustrated by Grace Easton


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