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New Books! New Books! June New Titles

We’re heading into summer and we’ve got exciting new stories and familiar faces in our crop of June new titles!

Norman the Norman is back and as hilariously clueless as ever in his follow-up adventure, Norman the Norman and the Very Small Duchess. When Norman is summoned by none other than William the Conqueror himself, he must embark on an adventure. With familiar companions, Toad and Truffle, Norman must help William in his ‘conquest thingy’… with as few disasters as possible.

Join Norman in this laugh-out-loud Little Gem sequel to Norman the Norman from Normandy, told masterfully by Philip Ardagh, featuring lively and humourous colour illustrations throughout by Tom Morgan-Jones.

Illustrated by Tom Morgan-Jones

When feisty student Sofia Drake gets a secret tattoo of a tiger on her leg, she can’t imagine the chain of events it will set in motion. The stunning feline image has been used before and was never supposed to appear again. So who did create the original tiger picture? And what lengths will they have to go to in order to prove it?

Uncover the story behind the mysterious tattoo in The Tiger on his Back, from award-winning and master teen writer, Bernard Ashley.

Gillian Cross, best known for her Demon Headmaster series, takes on a bully in her latest story, Jason Banks and the Pumpkin of Doom. Jason is the biggest bully in school. It’s time that someone taught Jason a lesson, and he might just have met his match when a strange pumpkin keeps appearing on his doorstep. Will Jason ever learn the error of his ways? And can he crack the case of the dreaded Pumpkin of Doom? Find out in this hilarious and unusual school-based comedy with quirky illustrations by Sarah Horne throughout.

Illustrated by Sarah Horne

Mariella loves to invent. Her head is full to the brim with ideas. Her mind is so full, in fact, that the day is simply not long enough to accommodate all of her brilliant ideas. When Mariella thinks up a way to out-smart sleep she is free to invent forever and ever, but at what cost?

Award-winning author Eoin Colfer introduces readers to the intricate workings of the mind of this extraordinary little girl in Mariella, Queen of the Skies, featuring bright and colourful illustrations by rising-star Katy Halford.

Illustrated by Katy Halford

The year is 1885 and Erik Weisz, a penniless immigrant, has found himself in trouble again. His uncanny talent for picking locks and his gleeful showboating to match it, have earned him very few friends and a bad reputation. But this is just the beginning of his story and Erik is destined for a far more magical future.

This thrilling reimagining of Houdini’s childhood years tells a wonderful tale of rags to riches in Houdini and the Five-Cent Circus, from Keith Gray. Discover his take on the infamous Houdini as a young boy, and how his first great escape shaped the rest of his life.

From the multi award-winning and renowned author Anne Fine, comes Back on Weir(d) Street, the second spooky installment to Tales from Weir(d) Street. Asim, Laila and Tom like nothing more than spooking each other out with tales of the unexpected. This summer they’re back with three more stories to chill you to the bone. Can your dreams really grant you fortunes and riches? What lurks in the shadows of Number 17? And is Grandma’s house really haunted, or is it all just a fun imaginary game? Get ready to head back to Weir(d) Street. It’s time for more tales of terror and woe …

This chillingly entertaining Anne Fine book, featuring black and white illustrations throughout from the brilliant Vicki Gausden, is sure to give you the perfect thrill and chill this summer.

Illustrated by Vicki Gausden

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