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New Books! New Books! July New Titles

With summer really heating up we are making a splash with our July new titles!

There is a paddling pool on the playground and buckets of water around the bushes but what’s going on? Class One have worked so hard this year and are downing tools with the teachers for an epic water fight! They’ve got their goggles, wetsuits and rubber rings ready for when Mrs Thistle blows her whistle … it’s time for Splash Day!

Much-loved multi-award-winning author-illustrator Nick Sharratt brings you his debut Little Gem, Splash Day!, filled with vibrant and engaging illustrations in his signature style. Inspired by Nick’s visit to a school that holds an annual Splash Day, this is a perfect read for the summer.

Illustrated by Nick Sharratt

Izzy and Asha need a space to call their own, away from difficult families, the Skull brothers and the trouble they bring. But the derelict building site where they stake their claim already belongs to something else, a wilderness they never expected and an injured wolf that desperately needs their help. Can they reconnect to the wild and save the wolf?

Discover the power of nature in Run Wild by award-winning author Gill Lewis. Supported by Rewilding Britain, this thought-provoking and touching story celebrates the unique bond between children and nature and will have readers exploring the wilderness around them.

Grandma Gertie is a bit strange and Anna and Kasper aren’t too happy that she is coming to stay. But things get a whole lot more exciting when Grandpa Bert appears out of Grandma Gertie’s handbag … and he’s a ghost! Even worse, Ghost Snatchers are on the hunt and it falls to the three of them to keep Grandpa Bert safe at all costs. It’s time to put a stop to these crooks before it’s too late!

Written by beloved and best-selling author Malorie Blackman, Grandpa Bert and the Ghost Snatchers is a charming story of family and teamwork, featuring vibrant illustrations from Melanie Demmer. This spookily good book will have young readers turning pages all summer long.

Illustrated by Melanie Demmer

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