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New Books! New Books! October New Titles!

This month boasts a variety of new titles – ranging from sci-fi to historical, from dogs to robberies these books are sure to please any young reader.

Scott nearly died playing Virtual Kombat – the virtual-reality fighting game that risks the lives of street kids for profit. Hunted by wasp drones, Scott’s on the run when he comes across a gang of techno-hackers who share his wish to destroy VK. They’ve developed a virus that could do the job, but in order to implant it Scott has to re-enter the arena and risk being trapped inside the game forever…

Award-winning author Chris Bradford is back with Virus, the next instalment to the explosive Virtual Kombat series, and featuring punchy illustrations from Anders Frang. This much-anticipated sequel to Gamer, is an action-packed sci-fi adventure that will not disappoint readers and will leave them hungry for more.

The First World War is over, but for Tony there is little to celebrate. His brother never returned from no man’s land … Charlie died not as a hero but was executed as a coward. Grief-stricken Tony refuses to believe that his brother was a traitor, and he is pushed to the edge in his dark quest to uncover the horrifying truth about what really happened on the battlefield.

Award-winning mother-and-son author duo Catherine and David MacPhail bring the brutality of WW1 to life in White Feather. This post-war novella tells a powerful story of grief, justice and acceptance.

Life on the Crongton estate can be rough for Briggy. Dad’s lost his job, Mum’s working so hard to make ends meet, and big brother Kingsley just wants out. When Briggy’s best mate Terror cooks up a plan to impress the coolest chick in the year, Briggy doesn’t want to lose face by chickening out. Besides, who knows, maybe they’ll make a quick buck? Or maybe it will all go horribly wrong?

Kerb-Stain Boys is a sharp, witty and heartfelt tale from award-winning author Alex Wheatle. This brilliantly real and funny novella tells the ups and downs of teenage life on Alex’s renowned Crongton estate.

Unlike most children, Christmas is a nightmare for Jake. He hates the bright lights, all the noise and the disruption to his routine. But when Jake finds a dog lost in the street he unlocks a connection he’s never had before. He names her Susan and adopts her as his own. With Susan around, maybe there’s a chance that this Christmas will be one the whole family can enjoy.

The Dog That Saved Christmas is a a heart-warming story from the much-loved and award-winning author Nicola Davies with illustrations by Mike Byrne. Celebrating animal friends and the therapeutic effect these special companions can have, this is a touching Christmas tale for everyone to enjoy.


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