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Quick-fire Questions with Guy Bass and Steve May!

A graphic showing the words quick-fire questions with Guy Bass and Steve May

A graphic showing the words quick-fire questions with Guy Bass and Steve May

Earlier this month the hilarious Laura Norder: Sheriff of Butts Canyon made its way, all guns blazing, onto our shelves. And this week on the blog we’re yee-hawing some more as author Guy Bass and illustrator Steve May join us for a round of quick-fire questions.

Take it away cowboys!

GUY ASKS STEVEPhotograph of Stave May holding the book Laura Norder and pulling a funny face

As an illustrator, what do you look for in a character description?

I find their motivations/temperament and what they do really help me get a good idea for a character rather than lots of detail about their appearance.


Is there anything you dread drawing?

I’m not fond of bicycles (unless they’re penny farthings or generally nonsensical looking) I actually love drawing hands and horses which a lot of people hate drawing.


Describe your career in 11 words, including the name of at least one animal.

Varied, exciting, scary, scribbly, inky, definitely the tortoise not the hare!

An illustration from Laura Norder showing Duncan Disorderly standing menacingly over the words NO RULES


Laura Norder makes sure everyone follows her Golden Rules, even though they’re bonkers. So, what’s the strangest rule you live by?

For a steadfastly un-superstitious man I’m rather careful about walking under ladders, I also think ‘never eat anything bigger than your head’ is a sensible one.


Duncan Disorderly is a rule-breaking, chaos-causing mischief maker who conceals his identity with a hat and mask. So, what’s your favourite sandwich filling?

Cheddar cheese & pickle. (if I ever tweet the line ‘I’m LOVING this hard boiled egg, coriander & salad cream sandwich!’ with a load of emojis you will KNOW I’ve been kidnapped!)



A photograph of Guy Bass holding the book Laura Norder over half of his faceSTEVE ASKS GUY

As a writer what initially excites you? Does a particular character come to mind and you write the plot around them or the other way round?

Generally it’s a story idea that gets me started but characters keep things interesting. “Why” is always more important than “how” or “what”.


What would 6 year old you say to present day you? What would you tell him?

“Why are you so old?”

“Why are you so short?”


Are you a law taker or a law breaker? Describe the events leading up to your worst childhood telling off.

My mum once had to chase me round the house to give me a telling off. I can’t recall what I’d done but I assume it was a case of mistaken identity. I made it outside and ran round the car before my mum caught me. I remember being surprised that she was so quick on her feet.


When you were young what did you want to do when you were a grown up? 

Swing from webs around New York City.


An illustration from Laura Norder showing Laura chasing down Duncan Disorderly in high-speed horse chase

There’s quite a bit of horse action in Laura Norder Can you ride a horse? 

No, but don’t tell the horse.


What’s your favourite joke?

I can never remember jokes. I think it goes something like,

A horse walks into a bar.

The barman says, “Why the long face?”

And the horse says, “Cause my wife left me.”


Also describe your career in 11 words, including the name of at least one animal.

I only very, very, very, very occasionally write about horses, honest.


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