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Books that Teach – must-haves for every primary classroom

Banner image for Books that Teach featuring illustrations from Covers of My Book and featuring it's cover image and the cover of My name is not Refugee

Today we’re talking books that teach so this one is for all the teachers and educators out there!

As you know, our books are ideal for reluctant readers and never shy away from difficult topics, making them a  classroom essential for any age group. In particular let us draw your attention to the wonderful The Covers of my Book are Too Far Apart by Vivian French and My Name is Not Refugee by Kate Milner. These acclaimed picture books are perfect for all ages, sparking debate and encouraging empathy – they’re bound to get the whole classroom involved.

The Covers of my Book are Too Far Apart is a fantastic myth-busting book that celebrates books and reading. This clever story turns negatives about books and reading on their head through an engaging narrative and fun, vibrant illustrations by Nigel Baines.

The cover image for The Covers of My Book are too Far Apart

Illustrated by Nigel Baines

Not only does this picture book promote reading, it also reflects the diverse world we live in, with busy multi-cultural and inclusive scenes. Each spread is cleverly designed to provide discussion points and with the text in small, digestible sections it’s ideal for young or reluctant readers.

“An essential buy for every school or classroom library”
– Bev Humphrey, Literacy and Library Consultant

Spread from The Covers of My Book Are Too Far Apart


The Klaus Flugge Prize-winning My Name is Not Refugee is a touching and timely exploration of refuge and migration. The author and illustrator, Kate Milner, sensitively explores these themes through few, poignant words and beautifully subtle illustrations.

Cover image for My name is not Refugee

This picture book encourages understanding and empathy through its’ thought-provoking story. The content and approach appeal to a wide range of ages and would undoubtedly catch a class’ attention. This book would make a perfect companion for the classroom and would aid children in exploring important topics such as empathy and inclusion.

Spread from My name is not refugee

“Helps show readers that children forced from their homes are not just refugees but children just like them”
– Unicef UK

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