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New Books! New Books! New April Titles!

A close up of a stack of the new april titles!

Photograph of the stack of New April Titles!

It’s time for our new April titles and what a bumper month it is! We’ve got a brand new series filled with mystery and circus antics, a football team overcoming difference and adversity, a fun look at the magic in reusing and recycling, and an astuteperspective on our modern reliance on mobile phones.  A collection of perfect picks to accompany your Easter break …

Sam’s football team are struggling this season. They keep losing matches and captain Jordan’s bad attitude isn’t helping anyone. When Sam spots Hasan playing for the refugee team on the next pitch, he can see that Hasan’s got talent and invites him along to practice. Hasan and his friend Faisal are skilled players – exactly what the team needs – but Jordan’s not ready to accept them so easily. With the last game of the season fast approaching, can Sam help the boys pull together in time?

Reluctant reader favourite Alan Gibbons returns with a fact-packed novella focusing on the incredible relationship between football and refugee communities. With dynamic illustrations from Chris Chalik, and an enticing cover designed by Ali Ardington, Home Ground will have football fans absorbed in the sport and thinking about the powerful community that surrounds it.

A photograph of the book Home Ground by Alan Gibbons

A photograph of an inside spread of Home Ground by Alan Gibbons, featuring an illustration of by Chris Chalik

Mr Frost’s class are in trouble. They keep making a mess! And the rubbish bin that tips over at the slightest touch doesn’t help. But when they decide to send it off to the charity shop with a few extra things inside, the class soon discover that what is one person’s rubbish is another person’s treasure!

From award-winning author Anne Fine and illustrator Vicki Gausden comes a cheerful and heartwarming story in which a class discover that any old, unwanted object can find a new home. As shown by movements like School Strike 4 Climate Action, children are the voice of the future, and in a more and more eco-conscious society, Into the Bin is the perfect book for encouraging a new generation to reuse and recycle.

Photograph of the book INTO THE BIN by Anne Fine, and Vicki Gausden

A photograph of an inside spread from Into the Bin by Anne Fine and Vicki Gausden

Billy, Fern and Joe Shortbread are the stars of their family circus, but they also have another talent … for solving mysteries. So when a sad-looking boy from the audience reveals that his granny has disappeared, the siblings are determined to help. But this case won’t be easy to crack – it’s as if Tom’s granny has vanished into thin air!
With the help of their astonishing circus skills, will Billy, Fern and Joe be able to follow the clues and save the day?

Roll up! Roll up! For The Big-Top Mysteries, a dazzling new adventure series from award-winning author Alexander McCall Smith and star illustrator Sam Usher! Bursting with all the fun of the circus, gorgeous black and white illustrations, and a thrilling mystery to keep you hooked, The Case of the Vanishing Granny is the perfect read on a sunny day.

A photograph of THE CASE OF THE VANISHING GRANNY by Alexander McCall Smith and Sam Usher

A photograph of a spread from The Case of the Vanishing Granny by Alexander McCall Smith and Sam Usher

Could you disconnect from your phone for six weeks? Six weeks without sharing photos, without group messages, without being kept in the social‑media loop? An eccentric entrepreneur has challenged Esther’s year group to do just that, and the winners will walk away with £1,000. For Esther, whose dad and sister live in New York, the prize might be her only chance to afford a visit … But can she really stay disconnected long enough to win?

Acclaimed teen author Keren David returns with The Disconnect an enthralling examination of the highs and lows of teenage social-media life. Written in Keren’s authentic and compelling style, and with a stunning graphic cover by Jen Collins, this thought-provoking novella will have readers questioning their own habits and considering the impact of modern technology.

A photograph of The Disconnect by Keren David, cover artwork by Jen Collins

A photograph of an inside spread from The Disconnect by Keren David



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