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May is Month of the Dog at Barrington Stoke


2019 may be the Year of the Pig but this month at Barrington Stoke we’re spotlighting man’s best friend, as we publish D-Day Dog by Tom Palmer and McTavish Takes the Biscuit by Meg Rosoff! While both books are entirely different, they have our canine companions at their heart and both are a glorious celebration of the always loyal, lovable dog.

So to add to this celebration we thought we’d chat a little more about these brilliant books and show off our shiny new promotional material while we’re at it!

D-Day Dog

Cover image of D-Day Dog by Tom Palmer with cover artwork by Tom Clohosy Cole. The cover features an image of a boy and dog sitting at the beach as parachutes descend from the night skyFollowing the runaway success of the powerful Armistice Runner, master storyteller Tom Palmer returns with a gripping and poignant celebration of the brave D-Day soldiers. Inspired by the incredible story of paratrooper Emile Cortell and his dog Glen, D-Day Dog is a stunning multi-layered narrative that explores the causes and costs of war from the perspective of school-boy Jack:

Jack canʼt wait for the school trip to the D-Day landing beaches. Itʼs his chance to learn more about the war heroes he has always admired – brave men like his dad, who is a Reserve soldier. But when his dad is called up to action and things at home spiral out of control, everything Jack believes about war is thrown into question. Finding comfort only in the presence of his loyal dog, Finn, Jack is drawn to the heart-wrenching true story of one particular D-Day paratrooper. On 6 June 1944, Emile Corteil parachuted into France with his dog, Glen – and Jack is determined to discover their fate …

Landing on bookshelves last week, D-Day Dog has already received a host of rave reviews and we had a wonderful evening launching the book with Tom (and adorable pup Finn!) at The Book Corner bookshop in Halifax.


Photograph of author Tom Palmer and his dog Finn at the launch of his book D-Day Dog

“A story so full of heart, warm and so
tenderly handled … there is every reason
for this book to be devoured” – That Boy Can Teach

“Another very emotional read from Tom Palmer and Barrington Stoke. They’re the perfect pairing” Phil Earle

“This well researched and extremely thoughtfully written story will educate young readers as well as entertain them” A Library Lady


If you’d like to promote D-Day Dog in your bookshop, library or school, we have posters and bookmarks available featuring Tom Clohosy Cole’s beautiful cover artwork. Click on the image below to download the poster or email admin@barringtonstoke.co.uk to order while stocks last.


Image of the D-Day Dog poster with link to download


McTavish Takes the Biscuit

Cover Artwork for McTavish Takes the Biscuit by Meg Rosoff, featuring an illustration of McTavish and Betty surrounded by baking messEveryone’s favourite pooch McTavish is back to save the day (again!) in the third instalment of this charming series from multi-award-winning author Meg Rosoff. Overflowing with Rosoff’s effortless wit and jam-packed full of baking goodness, McTavish Takes the Biscuit is every dog and cake lover’s ideal sweet-treat:

When Pa Peachey decides to enter the town bake-off competition, his grand plans turn out to be far more impressive than his baking skills. As Pa’s ambitions start to crumble, rescue dog McTavish smells disaster in the making. Can he find a way to save the Peachey family from disaster yet again?

If you’ve missed out on McTavish’s adventures so far catch up now with Good Dog McTavish and McTavish Goes Wild, they’re sure to be a hit with all the family:



“The McTavish books are very funny … We have given copies of the books as birthday presents and my friends (and their parents) have loved them” – Rose, Age 10

“I love the McTavish stories … I love the way that McTavish has a mind of his own – I wish we had a McTavish to organise our family!” – Solomon, Age 6

“Rosoff’s elegant prose is a delight to read aloud. Her lovable and eccentric characters are entirely believable … My whole family adores the Peachey Family and McTavish” – Rose and Solomon’s Mum


A graphic showing images of all items included in the McTavish display kitTo help us celebrate this very special dog we’re offering a McTavish display kit to bookshops, libraries and schools. Receive your very own McTavish, a McTavish poster and some adorable bunting to inspire your very own bake-off! These kits are going like hot cakes and are limited in number, so make sure to grab them while stocks last. To order email admin@barringtonstoke.co.uk

But wait there’s more! Fancy winning a copy of McTavish Takes the Biscuit? Head to our twitter for all the details and let us know your favourite baking recipe or treat to be in with a chance of winning.


To download The McTavish Stories poster, click on the image below:


Image of the McTavish Storie poster with a link for download


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