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New Books! New Books! New June Titles!

New June Titles 2019

New June Titles 2019

We’re moving a lot this month with our stack of new June titles. Whether it’s training for an action-packed rugby championship, battling through a sinister virtual reality thriller, racing to the finish line on Sports Day, cycling around the block on a paper round, or even moving a crowd through the power of poetry, our June new titles are encouraging us all to get up, get active and make a change!

Owen and his mum are struggling. It’s just the two of them at home now and they’re finding it difficult to ask for the help they need. When Owen discovers a crumbling stone soldier in the local park, it feels like he finally has someone he can talk to about his worries. But the town council can’t see how important the soldier is and they
want to remove him. Owen’s scared that he’ll be left on his own again, but can he find the courage he needs to save the soldier before it’s too late?

From Lisa Thompson, the bestselling author of The Goldfish Boy and The Light Jar, comes Owen and the Soldier, a poignant tale of one boy finding the courage to use his voice when it truly matters. With wonderful cover art from Mike Lowery, this touching and thought-provoking story of remembrance, friendship, and bravery packs quite the emotional punch.

A photograph of Owen and the Soldier on an orange backgroundA photograph of an inside spread from Owen and the Soldier

Staying on the theme of an unlikely friendship … When Frank wants a new bike, he begins to save up money by helping his sister with her paper round. However, the last thing Frank expects at six in the morning is to befriend an old lady wearing a cowboy hat and boots. But Frank’s new friend seems a bit muddled, and when she needs help, he’s the only one there to lend a hand.

A first-class Little Gem from acclaimed author Jonathan Meres and illustrator Hannah Coulson, Special Delivery is a gentle look at dementia for a younger audience. With a budding inter-generational friendship and a plethora of cowboy paraphernalia, this is a sweet story that can help to broach a difficult subject.

A photograph of the Cover image for Special Delivery Photograph of an inside spread from Special Delivery

Sports Day is coming up soon and Suzi’s in a great mood – until her class get saddled with mean old Miss Grit as their supply teacher. Miss Grit has it in for Suzi from day one, and worst of all, Suzi’s rival Barbie Meek is Miss Grit’s class favourite! The terrible duo are about to turn Suzi’s life into a nightmare … will she even make it to Sports Day for her chance to win the race?

Perfect for readers who want a laugh, The Spectacular Revenge of Suzi Sims is a comical and quirky revenge tale of school bullies and sports day. Written by award-winning author Vivian French and charmingly illustrated by Julia Patton, Suzi’s chance at a satisfying victory will keep young readers on their toes.

Photograph of The Spectacular Revenge of Suzi Sims Photograph of an inside spread from The Spectacular Revenge of Suzi Sims

Street kid Scott jumps at the chance to be a Virtual Kombat gamer. If he can battle his way up the ranks, the ultimate prize will be his. But then his friend Kate goes missing in the battle arena, and Scott’s dream is quickly turned into a terrifying nightmare …

 A brand new edition of the first in the Virtual Kombat trilogy by bestselling author Chris Bradford, Gamer is Blade Runner meets Mortal Engines for avid gaming fans. Featuring action-packed artwork from Anders Frang, this fast-paced dystopian thriller will have readers gripped until the very end.

Photograph of the Gamer Photograph of an inside spread from Gamer

Borderlands First XV have their sights set on becoming the best school rugby team in the world. But while the boys focus on their matches, many of their parents are serving overseas in the armed forces, and everyone is worried as conflict grows in the Central Asian Republic. New pupil Woody is a footballer by nature and must decide if he’s prepared to give rugby his all. Rory feels like he’s losing his focus, distracted by thoughts of his parents in danger. And Owen finds himself at the centre when conflict breaks out within the team. With so many hurdles to face along the way, how far will they get in the rigorous schools’ tournament?

Tom Palmer is back with a bumper collected edition of his ever-popular Rugby Academy trilogy. This action-packed rugby-focused novel is accompanied by vibrant illustrations from David Shephard and is the perfect read in preparation for this year’s Rugby World Cup.

Photograph of Rugby Academy Photograph of an inside spread from Rugby Academy

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