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Congratulations to our Poetry Competition Winners!

Owen and the Soldier poetry competition

We are delighted to announce the results of our Owen and the Soldier poetry competition!

We received over 50 brilliant entries from primary school students across the UK and were blown away by the talent – we and Lisa Thompson had a tough time judging! Thank you so much to every school and pupil who got involved, we really loved reading your poems and there are definitely future literary stars in our midst.

Without further ado please give a round of applause to our two runners up …

Rosie McQuarrie, age 9, from Giffnock Primary School and Isabella Whitelocks, age 10, from St James Primary Cheltenham. Congratulations to you both! Here are their excellent entries:

The Alphabet Classroom - Poetry Competition Runner-up



The Classroom Alphabet by Rosie McQuarrie, age 9

A classroom is a noisy place
but when we are asked to be quiet it’s not ace

Being responsible is what we have to do
this includes not saying words like poo

Chit chat is all you can her
but it all goes quiet when the teacher comes near

Doing our work is not fun
but we all know lunch is soon to come

Everybody loves break
although some people trade Pokemon cards that are fake

Fun doesn’t only happen at break time
we like to write poems with rhythme and rhyme

Good things happen at school
and good things are very cool

Hard work is what the teacher expects
even when home time is next

In the blue hall is were we have lunch
all you can hear is chit chat munch

Jelly is not served as desert
you go to school to learn things you haven’t learnt

Kicking a ball is what some do outside
but some people prefer to hide

Lunch time is full of food
but it is not always good

More work is still to come
but only once lunch is done

Now we are doing work in our jotter
but the radiator is going up and getting hotter

Only two day ’till the weekend
when we will have fun with our friends

PE is what we are doing
because we are playing football there is a lot of booing

Quickly as we can we get changed
for the suprise the teacher has arranged

Ready at our seats for the suprise
doing as we are told closing our eyes

Seven football players standing at the door
telling us about the goals they score

The time has come for the players to go
because we need to go outsid to see our plants grow

Umbrellas are what we need
to plant all of our seeds

Very little sunlight is shighning in the sky
but then there was sun and the rain said bye

We are now going home
to do our homework about rome

Xylaphone is what I play
I play it everyday

Zebras aren’t allowed in school
cause they are


"" ""


Melting by Isabella Whitelocks, age 10

I used to roam the icy lands and hunt for others I
was a GRAND POLAR BEAR who took care of
the isles of glistina as we called it.

I used to sense our prey day and night I could see
every deal and sense it too, because I was a

When the day goes dark my ears and eyes shut
closely but sometimes I came out and ate what I
can see because I was a GRAND POLAR BEAR.

I could swim in water and run as fast as the wind
and go so quietly no one notices me then I would
stand up and shake the water of my fur because I

When I’d eaten all my prey my face was not as white
as snow it was as red as fire because I was a

But there was one thing I could not do I could not
save my friends from falling in the sea because the
melting ice is MUCH STRONGER THAN ME.

And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for! We’re delighted to announce that our overall winner is …

Tilly Mann, age 9, from St James Primary Cheltenham! Well done and a huge congratulations to Tilly!

Here is Tilly’s brilliant first-place poem:




Invasion by Tilly Mann, age 9

Gaping in the sea
below me creatures
All shapes and sizes
Clambering out time to lay my babies
On the golden crisp sand
Stumbling back to the midnight sea I wonder about my babies
As a ripple of fear stabs me in the back
Like I should know better
As plastic arrives I know it’s not safe
But humans have invaded
when in my safe place
My heart sinks plastic is killing us all
Help, help we’re begging you
I can do nothing
But can you?

Rosie and Isabella win copies of Owen and the Soldier for their class and our winner, Tilly, will be welcoming Lisa Thompson to her school for a special event.

Thank you again to all of the talented entrants. We’ll leave you with a message from Lisa herself:

Well done everyone! The standard was incredibly high & I had a great fun reading through the entries. Huge congratulations to runners up Rosie & Isabella. Bravo to the overall winner, Tilly… I’ll be seeing you & your classmates very soon! x


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