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New Books! New Books! New August Titles!

New August Titles

New August Titles

Summer might feel like it’s melting away in all this rain but don’t worry, we’ve got a brilliant batch of new August titles to keep you company as you hide indoors! This month, we’re tackling plastic pollution, finding happiness in Parisian bakeries, and searching for the strength to love, learn and let go …

Nellie Choc-Ice is on her way home to the South Pole at last! She can’t wait to see her family, but then Captain Beardy-Beard’s trusty submarine grinds to a halt in an island of plastic – and they aren’t the only ones who are trapped. It’s up to Nellie to untangle everyone from the mess. But what are they going to do about all this plastic in the ocean?

Jeremy Strong and his trusty penguin sidekick Nellie Choc-Ice are back, and this time they’re tasked with saving our oceans from horrible plastic pollution. Featuring adorable illustrations from Jamie Smith, Nellie Choc-Ice and the Plastic Island is a gentle, funny and colourful introduction to environmental issues. The perfect starting point for an important conversation with your little reader.


Nellie Choc-Ice and the Plastic Island - New August Titles

Nellie Choc Ice -photograph of inside spread


At Paul du Pain’s bakery, there’s something special in the air. Each day, Paul bakes the bread while Marie serves the customers. Everyone who walks in the door walks back out feeling happier than before. But when Marie goes away, she takes her magic with her, and Paul and his dog Gracie’s days become sad and grey. Will the bakery ever be the same again?

From bestselling author-illustrator Ian Beck comes The Bakery of Happiness, a heart-warming story set in the beautiful streets of Paris. Boasting charming full-colour illustrations and cosy characters, this heartfelt tale of joy radiates a timeless, nostalgic feel that Ian Beck is celebrated and much loved for. The Bakery of Happiness is sure to warm every reader’s heart and perhaps rumble a few stomachs!


The Bakery of Happiness cover

The Bakery of Happiness - photograph of inside spread


When Agnes made a promise to her girlfriend, Ellie, she thought they would be together for ever. But when she has to keep that promise a year later, it puts Agnes in a situation she could never have predicted – climbing a desolate mountain in miserable weather, with Ellie and her new boyfriend, Steve. And when the weather takes a threatening turn and the tension between the trio hits its peak, Agnes will have to push herself further than she ever thought was possible …

YA star Cat Clarke returns with an honest and gripping novella of grief, love and moving on. Told in Cat’s brilliantly authentic voice Letting Go is a powerful short-read that packs quite the emotional punch and is sure to resonate deeply with many readers.


Letting Go - cover image

Letting go - inside spread




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