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New year, new January books!

January New books

January new books

Happy New Year everyone! We’re settling into the swing of things and it’s already looking like a bumper year for amazing titles. To kick things off we’ve got a brilliant stack of January books featuring new editions of old favourites, a brand new story from a dream pairing, and a breathtaking retelling of a literary classic …

After a miserable childhood, the offer of a job at Thornfield Hall seems to promise Jane Eyre a brighter future. But joyless laughter echoes along the corridors. Strange things happen in the dead of night. Secrets lurk in the attic. When Jane meets the owner of Thornfield Hall – the enigmatic, brooding Mr Rochester – her life is changed for ever. For better? Or for worse?

Carnegie Medal-winning author Tanya Landman breathes new life into Charlotte Brontë’s iconic story of love, freedom and belonging in Jane Eyre: A Retelling. Powerful and poignant, with stunning cover artwork from Helen Crawford-White, this brilliantly realised retelling of Jane Eyre accentuates the key themes and scenes from the original text in a more concise format. Never compromising on the impact and importance of the original novel, it’s a truly accessible read that will open this timeless classic to even more readers.

Cover image - Jane Eyre: A Retelling

Photograph of inside spread from Jane Eyre: A Retelling


It’s Ella’s first day at her new school and she wants to find a friend. But it’s really hard. The girls aren’t interested in her and she doesn’t have the courage to just join in … When she finds a book about making friends Ella decides to try out the tips it recommends. With five excellent ideas up her sleeve, Ella will be friends with the girls in no time … Right?

Bestselling author Gillian Cross and award-winning illustrator Sarah Horne return with another touching tale of friendship. Taking a gentle look at the common anxiety of meeting new people and finding the confidence to be yourself, Five Ways to Make a Friend is a heartwarming story that’s sure to ring true with many young readers, boys and girls alike.

Cover Image Five Ways to Make a Friend

Photograph of Inside spread from five ways to make a friend


One dark night, the sound of music and singing wakes a terrible monster from his sleep in a foul swamp … Warrior after warrior comes to slay the monster, but no one can outwit Grendel. Only the great hero Beowulf stands a chance, but even he is not prepared for the horror that lies in wait.

Award-winning author Brian Patten brings the epic story of Beowulf to life in Monster Slayer: A Beowulf Tale – a stunning prose retelling of the Old English poem. Boasting spectacular illustrations from the acclaimed Chris Riddell, this new edition is the perfect offering for younger readers, providing a highly accessible retelling of this popular and often-studied text.

Cover image Monster Slayer: A Beowulf Tale

Photograph of Monster Slayer inside spread


Meg is the girl with the sunshine smile. That’s what they call her at the wedding fairs where she models her mum’s dresses. But then Mum meets Danny. Danny, with the grotty houseboat, four sons and a three-legged cat. All of a sudden, Meg’s life clouds over. Will Meg ever find her sunshine smile again?

Heart and home abound in this tale of blended families and houseboats as bestseller Karen McCombie returns with The Girl with the Sunshine Smile. This brand new edition of a Barrington Stoke favourite, featuring engaging illustrations from Cathy Brett and now with a lower reading age,  is a moving story of accepting and adjusting to change that’s perfect for readers at any level.

Cover image Girl with the Sunshine Smile

Photograph of The Girl with the Sunshine Smile inside spread


Walter Tull was a true hero and the first black officer in the British Army, but he had to fight for respect throughout his life. The grandson of a slave, Walter was brought up in a children’s home. He had to fight against racism on the pitch as one of the first black professional footballers in the UK. Then he faced the greatest fight of his life on the battlefield during the First World War.

Award-winning author Michaela Morgan tells the remarkable true story of footballing star and WWI hero Walter Tull. His incredible journey is brought to life in this brand-new edition of Respect featuring more photographs from Walter’s life alongside action-packed illustrations from Karen Donnelly. An inspiring story of courage and resilience based on real-life events, it’s an ideal read for those who like facts alongside an exciting story.

Cover image Respect: The Walter Tull Story

Photograph of inside spread from Respect: The Walter Tull Story

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