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New Books! New March Books!

New March Books 2020

New March Books 2020

Our new March books have arrived and what a bright, colourful bunch they are! This month we’re overflowing with cute cats, finding the courage to open up on a bad day, joining in on a sword-swinging adventure, and outsmarting a very hungry bear …

Are you smart enough to escape from a hungry grizzly bear? Could you trick a grumpy king out of a giant golden belly-button? It pays to be able to think on your feet, especially if you’re about to be eaten alive or cheated out of a valuable prize! So it’s just as well that Masha and Peggy are two clever kids, each with a cunning plan …

Legandary children’s author Michael Rosen is back with a pair of charming tales in one about two very clever and cunning little girls. With gorgeous full-colour artwork from Ashley King, Clever Cakes is a picture-perfect addition to any bookshelf and is sure to become a read-aloud, bedtime favourite!


Photograph of CLEVER CAKES by Michael Rosen (New March Books)

Photograph of inside spread from CLEVER CAKES by Michael Rosen, illustrated by Ashley King


Cats in the bath! Cats in the cupboards! Cats and more cats everywhere!
Everyone in Jackson’s class has a pet, but all Jackson has is his little brother Freddie. And little brothers don’t make very good pets. But when Jackson meets The Man With The Top Hat and his lovely cat Mrs Wilson, he’s about to get the pet he’s always wanted – and many, many more …

Get ready to laugh with a purrrrr-fectly funny Little Gem from King of Comedy Jeremy Strong! Featuring the most adorable cats we’ve ever seen, courtesy of illustrator Matt Robertson, and a touching message about overcoming shyness, Captain Whiskers is an ideal choice for newly independent readers.


Photograph of CAPTAIN WHISKERS by Jeremy Strong

Photograph of CAPTAIN WHISKERS by Jeremy Strong, illustrated by Matt Robertson



Jayden’s having a hard time. His mum seems really sad and won’t get out of bed. He’s fallen out with his best friend and he’s struggling to keep up at school. He wants to do the right thing, but it’s difficult when it feels like everything is going wrong. When Miss Wilson turns up at Jayden’s school, she’s not sure if she wants to be a teacher any more but can she and Jayden help each other and turn this bad day around?

Reluctant reader favourite Tony Bradman returns with a gentle and sensitively told story of life as a young carer. A Bad Day for Jayden, fully illustrated in black and white by Tania Rex, is a moving and uplifting story that delicately handles for younger readers the difficult topics of young carers, bullying and mental health. A great way to start some very important conversations.


Photograph of A BAD DAY FOR JAYDEN by Tony Bradman

Photograph of an inside spread from A BAD DAY FOR JAYDEN by Tony Bradman, illustrated by Tania Rex


You’ve heard of the Norman Conquest, right? But have you heard of Norman the Norman from Normandy, who almost, but not quite, helped William the Conqueror conquer England? Join Norman and his not-so-wild boar Truffle as they set off on a very grand adventure. Along the way you can see them accidentally avenge Norman’s father’s death with a very large broad sword, help out a very tiny duchess and rewrite the famous Bayeux Tapestry. But not before they have a boiled egg for breakfast …

Philip Ardagh‘s hilarious broad sword-swinging hero Norman the Norman from Normandy is back! And this time readers can enjoy both of his crazy adventures (and some bonus material!) in one bumper edition. With action-packed inky illustrations from Tom Morgan-Jones and plenty of comical mishaps, there’s lots for readers to learn and enjoy!

Photograph of NORMAN THE NORMAN FROM NORMANDY by Philip Ardagh

Photograph of inside spread from NORMAN THE NORMAN FROM NORMANDY by Philip Ardagh, illustrated by Tom Morgan-Jones


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