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Author: The Barrington Stoke Team

Taking stock

  Another year is almost over at Barrington Stoke – how did that happen? We’ve decided to mark a busy 12 months with a collage of all of the gorgeous books we’ve published since January 2015. We’ve also asked our staff for their highlights of the year. Looking back made us all smile; we hope […]

Goodbye Megan

We are all very sad at Barrington Stoke because our wonderful Publishing Assistant Megan is going home to America after Christmas. We wouldn’t normally share a development of this type on our blog but have decided to do so because it’s not entirely a personal decision on Megan’s part; rather, it’s as a result of […]

A Year of Publishing Diversely (as a prelude to doing so for ever)

Last winter we wrote about the ‘Place at the Table’ event and ‘Everybody In’ charter for the publishing industry. Last week we attended our first Independent Publishers’ Guild Sub-committee on Diversity, of which we are a proud new member. These groups and discussions really matter in the publishing industry. In the words of Stephen Page of […]