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Author: Kirstin

Backlist Love: Diary of an (Un)teenager by Pete Johnson

For my Backlist Love choice this month, I decided to delve deep into the Barrington Stoke bookshelves and pull out something that has been around for many years. Staying power can be an important quality, and the fact that some of Barrington Stoke’s very first titles are still in print and sell steadily year after […]

Backlist Love: How Brave is That? by Anne Fine

I love this book. How Brave is That? is full of warmth and wit but best of all, it contains a wonderful message about courage and never giving up. Of course, with Carnegie Medal-winning author and former Children’s Laureate Anne Fine at the helm, you know that you are in a safe pair of hands when you crack the spine. […]

Backlist Love: Meet the Weirds by Kaye Umansky

Meet the Weirds holds a special place in my heart, not just because it is ridiculously hilarious, but because it was the very first title I worked on when I arrived at Barrington Stoke for an internship that would later become a job. I was only proofreading (and to be honest, it had probably already […]

Backlist Love: My Name is O by Sam Enthoven

I have a huge soft spot for any and all things supernatural or fantasy-related, and will happily devour books, films or television shows in the genre. My Name is O is one of my favourite fantasy titles on the Barrington Stoke list because it does a brilliant job of dropping the reader into a world that is just familiar enough […]

Backlist Love: Cherry Green Story Queen by Annie Dalton

I’m cheating a little bit by writing about this title (it’s only just squeaked into the ‘official’ backlist) but Cherry Green Story Queen felt like an appropriate first book for me to write about, because at its heart is the same message that Barrington Stoke comes back to again and again ”“ that stories are important, that […]