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Proceed with Caution: Some Pitfalls in Discussing Dyslexia

Awareness of dyslexia is growing and there is more discussion than ever around the issue. Inevitably, though, this means that confusing information, contradictory information and even misinformation gets out there too. As an author, bookseller, librarian, reviewer or general book person, it can be hard to know how to talk about dyslexia. Today we’ve rounded […]

Happy 2016 and here’s to super-readable books

As of January 2016 the ‘dyslexia-friendly’ sticker on our books will be replaced by one that says ‘super-readable’ instead. This is reflective of a message close to our hearts: just because a book is accessible to an individual with dyslexia or visual stress does not mean it is ‘for’ them and them alone. That message […]