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New Books! New Books!

New year, new January books!

Happy New Year everyone! We’re settling into the swing of things and it’s already looking like a bumper year for amazing titles. To kick things off we’ve got a brilliant stack of January books featuring new editions of old favourites, a brand new story from a dream pairing, and a breathtaking retelling of a literary […]

New Books! New Books! New October Titles!

Halloween is creeping up on us and, dare we say it, Christmas is edging closer … But before we get too ahead of ourselves, we’ve got some fantastic new October titles to share with you! This month we have something for every reader with sci-fi action, spooky ghosts, loving families, circus tricks and beautiful butterflies […]

New Books! New Books! New September Titles!

September has arrived, everyone is back to school and Autumn has settled in … But don’t worry, it also means we’ve got lots of exciting new September titles to shout about! This month we’re taking off in a hot air balloon, uncovering the strange mysteries of a toy factory, learning about the true cost of […]

New Books! New Books! New August Titles!

Summer might feel like it’s melting away in all this rain but don’t worry, we’ve got a brilliant batch of new August titles to keep you company as you hide indoors! This month, we’re tackling plastic pollution, finding happiness in Parisian bakeries, and searching for the strength to love, learn and let go …

New Books! New Books! New June Titles!

We’re moving a lot this month with our stack of new June titles. Whether it’s training for an action-packed rugby championship, battling through a sinister virtual reality thriller, racing to the finish line on Sports Day, cycling around the block on a paper round, or even moving a crowd through the power of poetry, our […]