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Out of this world Summer reads!

out of this world summer space reads

Houston, we have some books! It’s been fifty years since Neil Armstrong took one small step for man and a giant leap for mankind on 20th July 1969, as he and Buzz Aldrin landed the first human-manned spacecraft on the moon.

To celebrate and to tie in with this year’s Summer Reading Challenge theme, Space Chase, we thought we’d offer some suggestions for space-themed books that pack a giant punch of action, emotion, and sheer wonder!


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Congratulations to our Poetry Competition Winners!

Owen and the Soldier poetry competition

We are delighted to announce the results of our Owen and the Soldier poetry competition!

We received over 50 brilliant entries from primary school students across the UK and were blown away by the talent – we and Lisa Thompson had a tough time judging! Thank you so much to every school and pupil who got involved, we really loved reading your poems and there are definitely future literary stars in our midst. Continue reading

New Books! New Books! New June Titles!

New June Titles 2019

We’re moving a lot this month with our stack of new June titles. Whether it’s training for an action-packed rugby championship, battling through a sinister virtual reality thriller, racing to the finish line on Sports Day, cycling around the block on a paper round, or even moving a crowd through the power of poetry, our June new titles are encouraging us all to get up, get active and make a change!

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