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We All Deserve Pictures: stunning new titles from Michael Morpurgo & Catherine Rayner, Eoin Colfer & Victor Ambrus

It’s October publication day and we are tremendously proud to publish two stunning illustrated fiction titles from two pairings who represent the very best in storytelling with word and picture ”“ Michael Morpurgo and Catherine Rayner, and Eoin Colfer and Victor Ambrus. These marvellous stories, bursting with pictures, represent our first foray into full-colour fiction […]

Designing brilliant book covers

You probably know the saying ”˜don’t judge a book by its cover’. It’s not really about books at all, of course ”“ it’s about first impressions. But the cover is most readers’ first impression of a book and so it is the publisher’s main weapon in marketing terms. A good cover design calls out to […]

Get arty with Cathy Brett’s illustration secrets

We caught up with illustrator Cathy Brett to go behind the scenes and discover how she created the striking artwork for Melvin Burgess’ Persist, which is out this month. Illustration briefs like this don’t come along very often, if ever. So, when this project landed on my drawing board I was thrilled. Not only is […]