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Hari and His Electric Feet

by Alexander McCall Smith
illustrated by Sam Usher


n/a Interest Age: 8-12

ISBN: 978-1-78112-755-1

Hari is an ordinary boy with an extraordinary talent. He has an easy smile, a spring in his step and likes nothing more than watching – and learning from – his beloved Bollywood films. Hari’s fancy footwork is spotted by the kindly Mr Ram, a man on a mission to resolve conflicts near and far. Hari so entrances everyone with his magical moves that soon he’s travelling the world to bring peace and harmony to everyone!

Information for Grown-Ups: This book has a super-readable layout and typeface so that even more readers can enjoy it. It is aimed at children aged 8-12.

Book Band – GREY

AR Level – 4.9

Read the first chapter of Hari and His Electric Feet below:

Hari and his Electric Feet

Read the first chapter