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Mad in the Back

by Michael Rosen
illustrated by Richard Watson


This hilarious picture book provides a familiar snapshot of family life, told with Michael Rosen’s trademark wit and genius for language. Perfect for sharing and will be loved by children and parents alike.

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n/a Interest Age: Under 5s

ISBN: 978-1-78112-509-0

Two siblings drive their mother to distraction on the car journey from hell, while Mum tries every trick in the book to get them to behave. All together now: “Are we nearly there yet…?”



Information for Grown-Ups:This book has a dyslexia-friendly layout, typeface and paperstock to help adults with dyslexia enjoy it with their children too.

AR Level – 1.5

Red Squirrel wants his books to be for everyone, because he knows that sharing stories is one of the best things families can do for their children. He has been busy gathering a cluster of dyslexia-friendly features to support parents and carers who do not read confidently so that they too can enjoy the books with their children.

Visit the Picture Squirrels website to find out more about these picture books.

Read the first few pages of Mad in the Back below:

Mad in the Back by Michael Rosen

Read the first chapter

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