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We know it can be daunting and stressful when reading is a challenge, and there can be many reasons why a child might struggle. At Barrington Stoke we believe that every child can be a reader, and our super-readable books are expertly designed to help dyslexic and reluctant readers unlock a life-long love of books.

We’re here to support you and have included some resources and recommendations below to help kick-start the reading journey.


We’ve pulled together all of our Free Resources into one handy link. From reading guides to colouring in sheets, our Young Editors Scheme to author videos, there’s something for every age of reader.


Find out how to match the right book to the right child



Studying the First World War? Visit our Reading War section for related titles and supporting resources


Inspire your learners with our Young Editors manuscript scheme – it’s not just for schools!


Download recommended title lists by year group


Top tips for building a love of reading

  • Always take a positive approach to reading – talk about books, visit the library and ensure adults are seen reading too.
  • Separate learning to read from loving to read. Don’t let homework be their only experience of reading.
  • Let your child choose what they want to read. Reading is reading whatever the format.
  • If they try a book and don’t like it, don’t insist they finish it.
  • Let them read the same book over and over if they want to. There’s comfort in familiarity.
  • Read to them and have them read to you. There’s no ‘right’ age to stop reading with them.

Who to contact for specialist support

If you or your child is affected by dyslexia, it is vital that you seek assessment and specialist support. Schools and local learning organisations have a duty to help and should be approached first if at all possible.

For further help and advice we recommend contacting the following organisations:

British Dyslexia Association
Dyslexia Scotland
Dyslexia Association of Ireland
Wales Dyslexia
Dyslexia Action
Helen Arkell Dyslexia Centre
Made by Dyslexia