Where do I start?

Our books are high-low, which means that the content is appropriate to the actual age of readers but the text has been edited to suit a lower reading age. Our reading ages (RAs) are 6, 6.5, 7 and 8 and 8+ our interest ages (IAs) range from 3-5 to teen. If you know your child or student’s reading age you can browse our titles by reading age, or browse by category and check the RA of any book that takes your fancy by clicking ”˜Read More’ on the book jacket.

If you don’t know your child’s reading age, try our sample pages below. Ask your child to look at the page and cover any words they can’t read with a finger. As a rule of thumb, assume that the book is too difficult if they cover more than five words per page.

Other tips

  • If they give a book a go and don’t like it, don’t insist they finish it.
  • Try to keep a smile on your face if they insist on reading the same book over and over. There’s comfort in familiarity and children with poor recall may find multiple readings helpful.
  • Encourage children to make pictures in their heads as they read to help with understanding. Chat about how you both picture the story, characters, setting and so on, and draw their attention to illustrations.
  • Graphic novels can engage reluctant readers but be aware that these may make reading harder for dyslexic children as text tends to be chopped up and written in block capitals. You may need to help with reading these if they are keen.